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What are my rights at a sobriety checkpoint and what is the best way to handle an encounter with an officer at said checkpoint?
Drove into a sobriety checkpoint. Did not notice if everyone was being stopped or if there was profiling. Am over 30/M, look about 25, was alone. Trooper approached vehicle, asked "how are you doing?" Put vehicle in park, turned on overhead light, rolled window down all the way, did not turn engine off, put hands on wheel. He asked again, I said "fine, how can I help you?" He asked if I had anything to drink, I said "no". He asked where I was heading. I told him (town name). He said that is an exciting place and that he has spent a lot of time there and he asked what part I lived in, I told him and he said again that he has spent a lot of time there and asked what part I lived in. I told him not the deep part. He let me go. I feel like he was profiling me as poor white trash. What's best?
Nothing. You were not arrested or charged. Nothing in your post indicates anything other than a routine sobriety...
Is there a limit on how long you can be charged with a dui and the time to have a jury trail.
got pulled over on rt9 and was charged dui (drugs). Had prelim hearing and no evidence was entered by prosecutor! I mean nothing, no eyewitness no dash camera no body camera and there were 4! different police depts. at the scene. it's been over a year on and off jury trail docket. what is going on!!??? Is there a limit to how long this can go on.
If it is a misdemeanor level dui charge, the state has one year from the offense date to charge and one year from...
Can they terminate my parental rights if i don't do whats recommended by the court to go to inpatient rehab but remain drug free
The state of wv is trying to terminate my rights because I failed a drug test when I had my daughter there recommendations are 6 mnts of rehab and I said no I can seek out patient I am not using and willing to take drug screens but they don't care how many drug test I pass there saying rehab or I loose my kids please help me
Yes, they have the ability to take away your children if you fail to follow the court ordered treatment plan. You need...
How long can they keep my boyfriend over driving on suspended?
When he was 18 he received a felony charge for fleeing from an officer and some other things. I think he's been caught driving on suspended once since then. He's now 28. He got stopped tonight and found out his license were suspended.. How long are they likely to give him? Is it likely that they'll let him out with bail? I've never been in this situation.. I have no idea what to do. Please help
He is absolutely entitled to bond and it should be a very reasonable amount with him out today. As to the charge, it...
How long should it take to get an Administrative Hearing thru WV DMV?
Pulled over on 3/11/2011 cop did dui paperwork. Cop said he would let it go if I stayed out of trouble. 19 months later DMV sends paperwork for scheduled hearing. Requested counsel for first hearing. As of 09/14/2017....I have still not had a DMV hearing. They have all been continued.
Unfortunately not only is our scenario sadly not unique but also with the unfortunate passing along to you that WV has...
Will dmv from one state notify another state probation office of an iid fail?
I am on ignition interlock in West Virginia and recently registered a fail. I am also on unsupervised probation in Ohio. Will the DMV relate that violation back to Ohio probation therefore violating me?
Typically if the out of state probation is known by the prosecuting authority in the criminal court jurisdiction of the...
Arrested for dwi in NC, but a resident of WV?
I was arrested for DWI in NC while on vacation. My driving privileges in NC are revoked for 30 days. If convicted, driving privledges will be suspended for 1 year from conviction date. I have hired an attorney in NC to fight my case, but if convicted my understanding is I'll be treated as if the DWI occurred in WV. If this happens, will I be eligible for interlock after 15 days as in WV, or will this be denied to me because my suspension is for 1 year in NC? This is first offense, Breath test of 0.13, no agrivating factors, and no property damage.
You will probably want to consult an attorney in WV as well, and don't wait until the NC case is done and over with....