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Reinstate licence
Is this for real - my son is attempting to use this during his upcoming DUI / DWI court appearance . is this for real ?
Birth Certificate in Court Method 1 A few of us figured out (by the grace of God) that they are only wanting to charge some bogus bonds they are hiding, to your federal account and they only need our bond and/or permission to do the discharge.
I hope someone licensed in your state will be able to make sense of what you posted here; I can't at all. Sorry.
Why hasn’t my license been suspended yet for DUI?
I have a pending dui and was not arrested. Will my license get suspended when I get summoned for court? It has been a month and I checked to see if my license has been suspended on ALVerify and it is still valid. I am stressing because I don’t know what’s going on??
There appear to be some facts missing - you state that you have a "pending DUI and was not arrested." That is a legal...
How long until i get my license back?
I am currently facing 2 DUIS. I got to court for my first one this week. My lawyer is trying to get trial "by diversion?" I have no clue what that means. Anyways my license has been suspended since the beginning of august. With this pre trial diversion thing do i have to wait to get my license back until all of the classes are done or just the 90 days for 1 DUI? I should be getting it back beginning of November. I am pleading youthful offender to the second one. help please.
Perhaps you should ask your lawyer.
Is it a high possibility that I get jail time on a first offense Drug Paraphernalia case ?
I got arrested for drug Paraphernalia but there wasn't any marijuana around.
If a person has never been arrested, that person, typically, does not receive jail time for the first offense of...
What should I do since I failed my 1st UA & my court referral or prob. officer wont call me for the past 8 days.
I pled guilty to a class A misdemeanor. I was ordered to pay $700.00 in court cost and fines also I was told to sign up for court referral which was done right there in the court room. A couple months later I went to my first appt having no knowledge of what CR was or what was expected of me. I was given a ua and failed. I was scared so I played dumb acting like I didnt know why I failed and asked to take another ua. Hoping she would say "Just be honest and we can do another test in 24 hrs since this is your first appt" Instead she very quickly gave me a number to a lab where I needed to go for the 2nd ua that I requested. I explained to her that I did'nt have money to do that to which she told me to use the $90 I was suppose to be paying her with. Now even more terrified and freaking out I left to take the other test but having a minute to think I decided to just call her come clean and not waste the money owed to CR however she didnt answer. I left a message asking her to call me, but she never did. I called her 4 or 5 more times befor closing hours and the next morning I left another message. Explained whyI didnt go,why I lied, apologized,asked her to call me but she wont.
Rule number 1: Don't lie to your PO. Rule number 2 is related: Don't get caught lying to your PO. Your probation...
I have received my 2nd dui in 2 weeks. How awful is my life going to be? I'm only 20
My first dui i blew a .17. Jailed 11 hrs. Second dui I blew a .2 and was jailed for 13 hrs. Will Both of these forever be on my record?
First, you must stop drinking and driving. Next, you need to get the best lawyer you can afford. As you seem to...