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Is this for real - my son is attempting to use this during his upcoming DUI / DWI court appearance . is this for real ?
Birth Certificate in Court Method 1 A few of us figured out (by the grace of God) that they are only wanting to charge some bogus bonds they are hiding, to your federal account and they only need our bond and/or permission to do the discharge.
I hope someone licensed in your state will be able to make sense of what you posted here; I can't at all. Sorry.
Once my DUI fines are paid can I get my license back despite a warrant?
I got a DUI in Florida several years ago and my Alabama license was suspended. I followed the initial procedures and got my license back originally. I later missed a payment on my fines and it was suspended again. I had moved back to Alabama and was doing my probation by phone as I was a first time offender and low risk. I thought my probation was complete and it appears it wasn't because I have a Florida warrant for failure to complete my probation. Any time I've had a traffic violation Alabama police have noted the warrant and told me to take care of it when I can. I'm about to pay the last of my old FL fines which in theory should release my license to be reinstated in Alabama. Will they block my reinstatement in FL based on the warrant? I plan to take care of it after getting my DL.
I am not licensed in Florida, so out of respect for any answer offered by an experienced attorney licensed in Florida...
I was arrested for a dui. but im almost sure i had a concussion. i know i hadnt been drinking for at least 3 hours, alabama
my truck was totalled and my head went through the drivers side window, i am going to the doctor tomorrow. in the holding cell i went to sleep for about an hour and when i woke up i knew something was seriously wrong with me. i asked all the officers to see a doctor and they just laughed. i blew the breathalizzer 3 times as hard as i could, but the officer just said i was doing something wrong (i would assume that means i passed but he was just sure i was drunk) i know for a fact that i smelled like alchohal, because i stink of it after i stop drinking(it just comes out of my pores) i think i have serious brian damage or somekind of injury to my head, i still cant see straight and its been 2 days since my arrest. its amazing to me after a wreck that bad that they can refuse medical assist.
I am unsure what your question it can they refuse you medical assistance in a county jail? Please retain an...
I got pulled over and arrested for DUI in a rental car out of state last October and the court date is coming up.
I'm wondering what to expect at the court house and what my argument would be. I'm currently in school and taking care of my granny so i don't have a job so I'm wondering about fine and weather i will have to keep flying to Alabama to handle this matter. Also I'm on summery probation in California will that affect this case.
I'm assuming you didn't settle your case in city or district Court and your case is now in Circuit Court. The judge...
Can I be held liable if my underage roommates throw a party when I am not home?
My roommate (who is 18) is planning on throwing a party tonight despite my request for him not to. I am 21 and do not want to be held liable if, God forbid, someone leaves the party after drinking and kills someone while driving. I will not be at home during the party because I do not want to run the risk of getting in trouble. If the cops show up to the party, will I get in trouble for providing alcohol to minors, even if I'm not even there? (I did not buy any of the alcohol for this party, either.) If someone underage drinks and drives, will I be responsible since the party took place at my house?
You should not have a minor roommate. As the homeowner you have liability.
What do I do?
I received a dui in may 2012 in Ga no it was Alabama sorry followed with a fta a couple months later and waited in jail for 57 days for a court date and was pregnant. And they told me all I had to do was pay my fines. I couldn't afford dui school . Well I sold my car and gave money to my biological mother to mail it bc I had an appt with my doctor abt my pregnancy. Well I just now foumfoundd o found out that she never paid. She took off with my money and I think I have a warrant on me. But I can't risk going to jail when I turn myself in cause I have no family or friends capable to watch my daughter. I'm scared cause I don't want her taken from me. What do I do...
It sounds like you don't have money to afford a private attorney in which case I would recommend you contact your local...
Second DUI in AL. First was about 15 years ago. I was asleep in the car. What am I facing.
I was asleep in the car behind my job where I had parked earlier that evening. I hit a wooden fence that was in front of my car. Car was on when police arrived. I was in drivers seat.
There is a lot here that needs to be answered. Did you blow, what was the reading? Did you perform any field sobriety...