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What can I do? I need a pro bono attorney to help me with my illegal DUI.
I was pulled over for blowing through a stop sign. It was not unsafe because it was 1AM and no one was around me. I think the cop was being racist. I had about 5 beers but I told the cop I had 2 and he told me I was lying. He claims I failed the tests and I didn't think I did poorly. I blew a 0.131. The cop never read me my Miranda rights but the DA charged me anyways. I was offered a public defender but the public defender isn't fighting for me. I need a pro bono attorney who can help me get out of this mess.
You are not going to find one. Public defenders are the pro bono attorneys in criminal cases. If you are unhappy with...
What do I do when I tested positive on a drug test but I've never done drugs?
I recently had a procedure done in the hospital and was given a few medications. 2 days later I was tested positive for cocaine. The doctor at the lab said the meds that were given to me wouldn't have made a cocain test positive. But, I don't do drugs! Also, why didn't the doctor at the lab test me positive for the meds the doctor gave me (fentanyl). That tests for opioids. I'm sure they mixed up my test. Now I'm without a job.
You explain this to the p.o. and hire a lawyer if need be.............................................
I have two DUI's And need to renew my DECA, will I be denied?
I am so scared to be denied! I have two DUI's and I was already sentenced and convicted. I have my son here, my family, my job as a customer service representative, I have my apartment, My life is here. What can I do? Please advise about this.
You should contact an immigration attorney to discuss all of your options. Depending on how old the convictions are,...
How can I get my license back after my first Dui 3 yrs later haven't gotten one???? 2100$ I cannot afford
I received my First Dui 3 yrs ago... The fee is 2100 I cannot afford Completed everything they asked me to do but pay because of my license and my job consists of driving clients
Unfortunately, you're in a catch 22. In order to lift the hold on your license you need to pay the fine, as it sounds...
I got arrested for a DUI but never had blood taken from me when I got to jail, but my paperwork says I gave blood.
Do I have grounds to have my case dismissed? I never had my blood taken only test they had me take was a breathalyzer test when I got pulled over. Everybody in the holding tank that got arrested for a DUI had their blood taken except me. Any advice?
Very interesting. What was your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) from your breath? If below 0.08%, but the...
What is the best way to report a DUI on a job application? A plea of no contest to V C Section 23152 9/3/2004?
What is the best way to report a DUI on a job application? A plea of no contest to V C Section 23152 9/3/2004?
It depends on the question you were asked. If it's "were ypou ever convicted of a crime"answer yes and explain the...
I have a 9.5 year old DUI and relief under Penal Code 1203.45 for this particular application. Do I have to list It?
I think my question was straight forward enough that I don't need to add more details.
It can always be found on your driving record so I'd be concerned that an employer will think that you were lying which...