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Is it true that if you leave the country before a court date for a misdemeanor dui charge that it will be dropped after 7 years?
After the 7 years abroad, he will not return to the state of Colorado (also where the incident occurred). In addition, he is not out on bail. He was never placed in jail, only cited. Last and unfortunately, this would be his 3rd dui.
Absolutely NOT. I was a judge for a number of years and we kept warrants on DUIs open FOREVER, even if the case was 30...
DUI arrest in 2008, failed to appear in court. Not a U.S. citizen!
I was in the U.S. on my working holiday visa, and I got pulled over while driving drunk, I was 18. I did not appear before court because I had my return flight ticket scheduled before the hearing and now I don't know whether there's a bench warrant for my arrest. I am planning on going back to the US sometimes during the summer. How can I clear my record? Do I have to appear in court personally or can I hire a lawyer to represent me? Thanks
Yes you can clear your record. Depending on the judge you may or may not have to appear if you hire an attorney to...
DUI in Colorado but moving to Pennsylvania
About to get a DUI in Colorado, BAC was .187, I have to move back to Philadelphia in April of 2010, thoughts are to jump through the hoops with the Level II classes, community service, Interlock, blah blah blah, either way, if I do not have full reinstatement of my license, will I be able to get a license in PA and get rid of the interlock?
PA does have a program that allows a provisional license for residents that get an out-of-state DWI, but your facts and...
Should i get a lawyer for a first offense dui?
also, is it possible to begin DUI classes etc to expedite the process and make progress before appearing in court? my court date is not till late november and i just got the dui last week. one of the reasons i want to start taking classes now is because my recorded bac was.235 and i know the judge will be tough on me when seeing such a high number.
You should talk to an attorney. The lawyer will know the process and will be able to protect your rights....
DWAI mean license gone? Interlock? If interlock, what if i then move out of state for work?
Looking at a DWAI
If you are charged with a Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) then your chemical test probably came back at .05 to ....
I was found guilty of DUI in Colo by a jury. If I appeal after sentence is handed down, will my d/l revocation be stayed?
I won the EC hearing so I have not lost my license yet at all in this case. I believe that I have a good chance at getting a new trial on appeal so I want to not lose my license while the appeal is pending. will I be able to keep my license pending the appeal? thank you.
Depends if it's entered into the record or not. This is a question to ask your attorney, not a general online forum.
I have DWAI in Colorado from 2004.I checked my criminal record at CBI and it shows charged with DUI.Who can fix the discrepancy?
The clerk at the County court where I was convicted printed and certified the copy of the DWAI guilty plea sentence. She did not know how to help me fix this with Colorado Bureau of Investigation . I asked the sheriff department and didn't get an answer either. This is really important matter to me and I want my criminal record to be fixed. Who can help? Thank you
Its late so I don't have the info handy but contact CBI and they will correct it with the documents that you have.