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A friend had a felony DWI 3rd knocked down to a misdemeanor and got 2 years probation. he's serving 30 days as a condition. Will he have a drivers license when he's released?
If his license wasn't ordered suspended when he went to court, he may still have a valid license. However, he was most...
My husband got a 3rd DWI the first week of July.. his court date is July 29th, hes thinking that it will just get postponed,but I told him anything can happen. He has no lawyer so far. Who is correct? or close to it? I know he will get jail time I'm sure. Is probation possible too? Thank you.
My best advice is to hire a local attorney ASAP who can start working on a defense for your husband. it is a very...
The Stop Contrary to popular belief, the police cannot stop a person unless they have a justified reason for doing so. Although that sounds like a benefit to people, in reality, the police can often
A friend of mine received 3 DWI's in Louisiana and just received a fourth DWI in Texas last year. There are 5 years in between the third and the fourth. What can he expect to happen when he goes to trial in Texas?
If convicted your friend could be looking at up to 10 years in prison. Best advice you can give your friend is hire an...
while intoxicated I hit a curve, so I pushed it to the side of the road. police then came and did a physical sobriety test and I apparently failed.
I don't see a question here to answer. I also don't know what offense you were charged with that night. Did you admit...
I have my full drivers license and need to move furniture for my employer with a U-Haul truck to North Carolina. Would this be problem since the vehicle wouldn't have a breathalyzer on it? If it is, is there a way around this? Thanks.
I would check with your attorney as to your restrictions. Often you can get an interlock exemption for work vehicles
I am going to turn myself in, but I wanted to know the penalty for the above question. I moved to Arizona and now I am ready to move back.
If you missed your court date your bond was most likely revoked, and you likely have an active warrant. You may be...