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Is adoption an option for me if I have a DUI on my record?
I was arrested three years ago for a DUI. I satisfied all requirements of my probation and had no trouble prior or post the DUI. Before I get invested in adopting I was wondering if that would automatically disqualify me.
It may depend on the adoption agency or the policies of the local probate court, not to mention the facts surrounding...
I was arrested for a DUI in 2012. I was curious if it would disqualify me from being a probation officer?
When I was arrested i was denied a court appointed because they said I made too much money. But, I couldn't afford an attorney. I took a plea and after pleading guilty the judge told me that they made a mistake and I could have a court appointed attorney. However, at that point I had already pleaded guilty and didn't see a point in paying a court appointed. I was in school to be a probation officer prior to getting arrested, but was working in a different field. I stopped going to school as I assumed it would disqualify me, but i would like to go back to school and want to know if that's still a viable option.
Ask the agencies you are going to be seeking employment with there policy.
What should I do if I failed a breathalizer? (Im currently on probation for a 2nd DUI and this is the second time failing)
I have been on probation for a year and a half already.
Considering this is your second time failing the breathalyzer while on probation, you should immediately hire an...
Will my husband be released off probation in Michigan if he has not paid his fines or completed his community service?
in April 2010 my husband was sentience to 4 months in jail, 3 months rehab, 6 months on the alcohol tether and now due to be off probation may 2013,will he be able to get off probation if he has not paid his fines or completed community services? this was his 5th DUI but was given a Felony 3rd offense...needless to say he also lost his license...will he ever get that back? he wasn't given mandatory AA so he does not go...what does the future look like?
He will most probably not be released from probation without clearing his fines and completing his community service....
My daughter got stopped for making an illegal turn in the road and was breathalyzed with a 0.11.
if we hire an attorney can this be changed to a lesser charge so it does not show the dui on her driving record? also she has no money and works to pay for school how can she find a lawyer that will work with her for payments
The charge won't necessarily be reduced to a lesser charge simply by hiring an attorney. But the hiring of a private...
I violated probation. What can happen?
Here's the thing. I went in front of a judge last year for a violation of probation and she extended my probation another year so i could do my community service. She said she cannot extend my probation again (ive had 5 years to do it) I did community service through my job and did at least 200 hours this year. But my work isn't recognized by the court for community service. When i realized my mistake it was too late. i violated. my court date is in a few days and ever since i found out i violated ( a few weeks ago) ive done about 150 hours through a salvation army but havent done the full 360. This is felony probation for a 3rd dui. Ive done everything else the court has asked. AA Logs, PBT logs, Classes, Paid my fines, no failed tests. Ive been perfect except for this. What will happen?
You really should ask this to the lawyer who represented you on the last motion to revoke your probation or the...
I got a DUI 2 years ago in the state of michigan..what happens next?!
I am going to say i was very stupid and young when i got these DUI's.. the first one is taken care of but the second one is not. I learned while getting released from my second dui that they took blood samples and were not sure how long it was going to take for me to get a hearing. I had already been planning on moving to california prior this DUI to start school which i did complete. Unfortunately i had not learned of any court date or hearing still and no calls or anything in the mail. so i left for a few years and now that i'm older and learning that these things only get worse, and i have to admit i was pretty traumatized from my first 3 months in jail for the 1st dui (bloomfield hills) but my second is is washtenaw county. I didnt go to court, i know there is a warrant..
As you know, this will not just go away. Generally you can turn yourself in (call the court in advance) and take care...