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Is parental consent needed for police to obtain a blood drug test on a minor?
My 17 year old daughter was with her boyfriend and at a road block they found her boyfriends marijuana and she got the possession charges because in her car. But they also charged her with a dui The police also took her to the hospital for blood drug test. We have been to court over this about 7 times and they keep saying they haven't received results yet. I know drug test results are immediate and this took place in February. And we were not contacted under they had already done the test and she needed to. E picked up. We have court again July 6
More information is needed - even without parental consent, a valid search warrant would authorize a blood draw without...
Can I get an epo dismissed if I go to court and tell the judge the truth but that I no longer feel threatened?
My boyfriend got very abusive at times when he was high on drugs or coming down from the drugs. He's clean now, has a job, and is looking into going to a drug rehab. He also isn't allowed on the property where I live, so we will rarely be around each other.
yes it is possible................................................
How do I beat a PI charge when I wasn't intoxicated
My fiancé was leaving the DMV stopped him and asked him if he'd been drinking.when he said no he asked if he was on any prescription medication because he seemed intoxicated. Keep in mind my husbands leg was run over by a semi and he has nerve damage. My fiancé told him the medications he was on and was placed under arrest. He had taken the recommended dose and did not drive himself to the dmv. He walks with a limp and gate disturbance due to his accident. He is also on parole, what does he need to do
He needs to hire a good attorney who regularly does DUI work. Some of the issue you raise will be information that he...
Hello. I got charged with a dui. I had no alcohol or drugs in my blood. What can happen to me?
The cops picked me up when I was sleeping at a stop sign. And I had temporary memory loss due to a supplement, phenibut, I bought from amazon.com. My driving was in no way impaired. Maybe being tired because I just started working night shift. I was even driving a lift from 80ft in the air. I just couldn't remember where my tools were after I set them down. I passed the field sobriety check also. The judge said I could face 30 days in jail but he didn't hear my story.
Under Kentucky law, a person may be found guilty of a DUI if he/she is under the influence of any substance that may...
What does bal prob 2yrs nncsn terms filedfines and court cost concurrent with dui charge
My ex husband got two parole violations one with the same crime.he was almost done with parole.it said 2 years assessed on the same crime and 1year assessed on the other.im confused and have not been able to find out yet plus additional fines
From the question, it is hard to determine exactly what the Court did. It sounds as if they may have given him 2 years...
Will I be in trouble for not reporting to jail to serve my misdemeanor time for a DUI when the town us under a state emergency?
Yesterday I was supposed to report to jail to serve misdemeanor jail time for a DUI. We received a large amount of snow & my town was under a state of emergency. I called the jail & they could not tell me what to do one way or the other yet they were sympathetic to the situation with the hazardous roads. I called my lawyer multiple times & left messages. The court house was even closed. I am planning on trying to go tonight but not sure if I'll be in trouble or not?
Report ASAP. Don't make this worse.
What will happen?
My sister served 45 days for a misdemeanor of intimidating a witness. She was ultimately charged with fourth degree assault, served her time, and received probation. While on probation, she got a DUI, and got her license suspended. Several months later, she was pulled over driving on suspended DUI license and got another DUI. She also got third degree assault and resisting arrest. She has since gone to rehab, but received a PI after release. Today, her probation was revoked. What will happen next?
We need to know all of the facts and circumstances regarding exactly what she was facing and what she is facing now. I...