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Is there a way to get a DUI off your record? If not what is most likely to happen in my case?
I was pulled over by a state trooper for failure to use my turn signal. He said he could smell alcohol on me so he performed 3 field sobriety tests on me and a breathalyzer. I had a .089 BAC. The only other thing on my record is a Class C misdemeanor for speeding from 5 years ago.
There is no question. Therefore, it is impossible to answer.
What is the chances of jail time for DWI misdemeanor b for meth and marijuana.
Husband left home for 2 weeks was pulled over and cops gave UA test he failed for meth and marijuana was given just tickets and let go he hasn't been in trouble for 7 years
He will most likely be facing jail time. I would hire a local DUI attorney immediately.
Can i get my license back if i have a DWI in another state?
I got a dwi in Missouri in 2012 I got everything I needed to do to get it dealt with done. I'm 2015 I got a dwi in Colorado that is still an open case. I'm now trying to get my license back in Missouri. Will my Dwi in Colorado effect getting my license back in Missouri?
Not enough info provided. It largely depends on why you were suspended in Missouri and how your Colorado case gets...
I believe you'll lose license until 17. In Missouri an ATV is a vehicle hat qualifies for a DWI charge. I'd suggest...
If your license is cancelled in Missouri, is there a way to get it reinstated?
My mom's dating this guy who's license is cancelled. He swears up and down that it can be fixed. Is that true. If so, how?
There is not enough information in your question to answer it. It depends on why it was canceled, when, and what if...
What are my chances for getting charges reduced and keeping my license.
Pulled over for speeding 64 in a 55. Officer asked me to sit in his car with him. Asked me if I had drank anything, told him I had 1. Blew in breathalyzer in his car. He just said were going to the station, I asked what it showed he didn't tell me. Went to police station blew in their machine blew .095. The y gave me my ticket and I walked out the police station where my wife picked me up. My question is upon some research I have read that there is a waiting period before you take a breathalyzer. There is a 14 minute difference between ticket time and arrest time. Whole process only took 45 minutes from pulling over to time I was at my house.
Consult a DWI attorney. The officer is required to check your mouth for foreign matter, make sure you aren't throwing...
How long does a dui or public intox stay on record
if casino runs criminal check for employment what will show
It will remain until it is removed. Since DUI has enhancements for subsequent offenses, it is not expungable.