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Can MVA md issue a temporary driver's license after dui charges
I was sleeping in my car at the parking lot because I was tired. Did not drink at all and I was arrested and released within 30 minutes but took my license away
You should have been given a temporary license. You have a very short time period to request an administrative hearing...
Can I get up represented by lawyer who knows common law in Maryland to win case before trial, on moving tickets.
I got a DUI but how can I get proper representation as a freeman.
You need to hire an attorney. If you cannot afford private counsel, apply for representation through the Office of the...
I was terminated from my job as a county school bus driver for a pbj on a Dwi charge which disqualifies me as a bus driver
I was able to get the pbj removed and was put on STET. They wont reinstate me while it is on STET even though nothing in COMAR prevents this. COMAR States I cannot have a pbj, no charges pending nor any convictions, none of which I have. I otherwise have a clean driving record and I have worked for the county for 30 years with no problems. I am a member of a union but I don't necessarily trust them to look out for my best interests. I am appealing the termination and I would like to know if I have a case.
You can consult with an employment attorney to determine whether there is anything that you can do. If they fired you...
What should I do, or say tomorrow ?
On June 2nd, I was driving with a permit and got into a car accident. The police officer gave me three tickets totaling $710. One for driving without required supervision, one for having someone in the car, and one for not being able to control the car. I got my provisionals July 10th. Since that day I paid to fix the others guy car, and I checked daily to pay my tickets online. I went up to the courthouse where I can pay the tickets & a man told me to go to court and plead guilty. So I came back home, then I decided to just pay it. I checked online & the citations still weren't up. It was now June 24th and the citations weren't up yet. I went up to the courthouse, two days before the deadline and they weren't up. The only option I had was to ask for a court date, it's tomorrow.
Never pay these tickets, one of them carries 5 or 6 points! You should always set a trial date. If you didn't do that,...
I received a PBJ for a DUI in 2011. Can I get this expunged?
I completed my 1 year supervised probation in May 2012 and have no other offenses. Am I eligible for expungement of my record? I thought a PBJ came off of your record after one year and found out today while attempting at an interview for the GOES program (TSA)... I left it off my application and it came back to bite me.
Unlike PBJ's for criminal offenses, which can eventually be expunged, PBJ's for DUI do not come off your driving record. .
I have 2 prior DUI's . Can I get visitation with my son?
I pay child support monthly for my child and I cannot see my child unless I get him and his little sister, which is unfair. I want to take her to court and establish visitation but I am afraid that I would be denied due to prior DUI's. I have attended AA meetings and completed the program and I am also in a year length program in which I am halfway done with this program. Should this hinder my case visitation case?
It is not likely that you would be denied custody due to prior DUI's. Even if you were denied primary or sole custody...
What does awaiting circuit court disposition mean in Maryland?
someone i know license was suspended for drunk driving several times; he was stopped for driving on a suspended license the court docket says a jury prayed and the listing says "awaiting court disposition"? what does that mean will he punished or his case thrown out. this person is always drunk driving and always get off 7 months prior he was arrested for drunk driving in maryland same county and because the state trooper told him he wasn't going to show up when he went to court it was thrown out. now he recently he was driving yet again on the same suspended license, just wanted to know what the court disposition means. Thanks
In Maryland, traffic violations are heard in the District Court, which does NOT have any jury trials--all of the trials...