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I refused a Chemical Test how am I getting charged with charges below
Grade Description M DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 1st Off M2 Resist Arrest/Other Law Enforce S Acci Dam To Unattended Veh Or Propert S Careless Driving M DUI: Controlled Substance or Metabolite 1st Offense
PA DUI Laws are very broad and provide for the filing of charges with escalated penalties where there is a chemical...
My daughter was charged with underage drinking. She just got a letter about a warrant for her arrest. What does that mean?
She just got a letter about a warrant for her arrest because "she ignored all writtene notices". What does that mean? Is she going to be arrested? She is in college and was afraid to tell us about this. What is going to happen? Will she have a criminal record?
Get a good local attorney and you can get the situation straightened out. You should find an attorney who is...
Is it regular practice for penndot to contact your employer when trying to get bread and butter license after a dui
no further information
For an occupational limited license, there is a section of the form that is filled out by the employer.
Ard? DUI?
What if you put down $200 for the ARD program, but can't come up with the entire $1,000, 90 days later, can you give the finicial services department for the program half and get on a bi-weekly payment plan or you have to come up with the entire $1,000 or get kicked out the program??
You have to ask the ARD department what they will accept, and if not, get your lawyer to file some kind of motion to...
ARD hearing for DUI
DA office sent me a letter saying I was selected for the program, but have to attend a ARD hearing what happens at the ARD hearing normally? Media court house.
You will be proposed for entry into the program before the court. If the court accepts it, your ARD participation will...
Does being preselected mean the defendant is selected if he does the requirements??.......can you do a payment plan for the $1,300 fine the court charges for the A.R.D. Program?
If you are preselected it means that it looks like you will be admitted into the ARD program but they must go through...
Ä°s there a way To keep my drivers license after dui? My court date is in one week. I am in A.r.d. Program.
My job is a delivery driver full time
Probably not, unless your BAC is under .10. A license suspension is mandated with ARD for a DUI if your BAC is .10 or...