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2 year suspension of my license
In 2010 I got a dui which resulted in a 1 year suspension of my drivers license. While under the suspension I got caught driving and charged with driving on a suspended license While suspended for a dui. That resulted in 3 months of house arrest and another 1 year suspension. It is now 2015 and penndot is telling me I do not get my license back until 2017....and no one can tell me why.....I work full time Monday till Friday and work 17 miles away from home
You should get your drivers abstract immediately. Once you have it, contact a lawyer to review with you to see if he...
Question regarding driving under a DUI Suspension in Pennsylvania.
I'm wondering if the judge has room for any leniency in the 60-90 day jail sentence. I am not familiar with mandatory. My boyfriend has a DUI suspension. One night I refused to drive home on a last leg of a long trip. I was sick and cranky and honestly, I was being an a**hole. . WE get pulled over. His court date is approaching and wondering if there is any way I can help him. I feel awful.
The judge has no discretion as to the penalty (jail time). The best way you can help him is to retain an experienced...
Will a DUI that was resolved with ARD and community service prevent me from getting a job in daycare in PA?
I went through ARD.
Depends on who is hiring. JObs can decline an applicant with an arrest alone. That's the beauty of at will employment.
Will I be on parole or probation after my 30 day house arrest in bucks co pa for my 2nd dui? If so, Will it be non reporting?
I want to know what to expect when I'm off house arrest. Can I have an occasional drink? Will I have to take drug tests? Will I have to see a parole officer?
Yes you will be on parole. I dont know what your sentence was but there is always parole. That is the longer number...
My boyfriend is going to court for a flat 72, for DUI, is he supposed to bring belongings with him to court, like clothes soap?
Does he leave from court? do i take him?
What do you mean by "a flat 72"? Is he going to be sentenced? Ask his attorney.
1 75 § 3802 §§ A1* M DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 1st Off
this means its my 1st offense correct? also see below: Seq. Orig Seq. Grade Statute Statute Description Offense Dt. OTN 1 1 M 75 § 3802 §§A1* DUI: Gen Imp/Inc of Driving Safely - 1st Off 10/15/2013 L 819156-2 2 2 M 75 § 3802 §§C* DUI: Highest Rte of Alc (BAC .16+) 1st Off 10/15/2013 L 819156-2
You can't rely upon the criminal summons that you got from the District Court as to which offense DUI this is for you....
Does Pleading guilty to 'Refusal to give breath sample' in NJ have suspension impact on PA license?
I am currently fighting a case in NJ Municipal court for 1st time DUI and Refusal charge and while my attorney in NJ is preparing the case to dismiss both charges, I would like to specifically know if pleading guilty to just Refusal and getting DUI dismissed would have any impact on my PA drivers license. Reading on the PA DMV site, it is clear that a 1st time DUI conviction in NJ results in no suspension of PA license per rule revised in 2004, it also does not include refusal in the list of violations that result in suspension per linked PDF here: http://www.dmv.state.pa.us/pdotforms/fact_sheets/fs-dlc.pdf Just wanted to get confirmation on the refusal question specifically. Please advise. I have a clean driving record on my PA license.
Your Pennsylvania license will not be suspended for refusal in New Jersey.