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If i have a lawyer right now fighting the insurance. Can i get another attorney that will help me sue the drunk driver?
My family and i have a claim open. personal injury attorney. They say they are going to help and fight for us but doesnt seem so. We want to sue the drunk driver that hit us
You file a claim against his insurance and try to settle up to his policy limits. If the limits are not enough to...
What does this mean VC23152(F)? i know its a dui but what does the F represent?
my brother got arrested last night
Drugs & alcohol. Don't know how they can prove the drugs yet. Typically it's too early for the drug test to come back.
Is there anyway I can get a DUI removed from my DMV H6. I make my living as a Professional Driver.
I got a DUI 3 years ago. Its making it hard to get employment in my field. I was told if I spoke with the DMV Mandatory Actions dept they could possibly help me. I tried this, and I get no where. DMV gave me this information. Please help me Thank you
There is no method to force DMV to remove the DUI if it is accurate. However, negative driver info is only reported...
Arrested for DUI and officer failed to record the audio on the dash cam while conducting field sobriety test. Admissible?
Admissible? Worth fighting?
What audio was left out that matters? What parts of the conversation or comments do you believe need to be heard? it...
What are my chances of getting a drunk in public reduced while on DUI probation?
After walking out of a bar with my friend, I waived down a cab in which the cab driver had originally ignored me. As the cab continued I had stuck my knee out to bump the car to get the driver's attention. No damage was inflicted to the vehicle. A few Officer's came onto the scene a few moments later and instructed the driver to leave because there was no damage. They asked me if I had kicked the cab, I told them I didn't want to answer. I was arrested and charged with a 647 (f). I am still on probation from a DUI that I have received over 2 years ago. These happened in 2 different counties.
Well, you are certainly looking at a possible probation violation if you don't get the charges reduced or dismissed....
Can I hire an Attorney to appear before a judge on my behalf to get an out of county DUI class referral?
I was very recently convicted of first time DUI in Orange County CA however I forgot to mention to the judge that I was moving to San Francisco. I have already moved to San Francisco and the DUI classes arent accepting me into the classes. Can I hire an attorney in orange county to appear before a judge on my behalf and ask him to order me to the San Francisco DUI program without me being present?
Sure you can. You should also be able to go to any DMV office and ask for an H6, your personal driving record, and the...
I was not read my Miranda Rights, will that help my case in any way?
My first D.U.I. what should i expect when i appear in front of judge
That depends. Do you plan to plead guilty? If not, then expect to be given a new date to go back to court to have your...