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$365 blood test?
My son was arrested for DUI. passed 4 breath tests and 4 field sobriety tests. He was then charged with DUI-other. He requested a blood test but when they got to hospital, officer said it would cost $365 for the blood test. My son is in college and didn't have that kind of money on him and was not allowed to contact anyone to help pay it. He has refused plea deal and case going to trial. Cost to date $6000 with $1200 in court costs now due. Financial hardship has caused him to drop out of school to pay expenses.
Is the amount for the blood test reasonable? Probably.
International student in oxford, MS, arrested by public drunk. What is the chance to go to jail?
I was arrested by public drunk, and I need to go to court for arraignment. I'm an international student, with J-1 Visa and I can't spend 30 days in jail. In my affidavit of arrest, the police officer put as witness: "my self and all passersby". Do I need a lawyer? What are the chances for me just pay the $100.00 fee instead of spend 30 days in jail?
Oxford has a reputation for being pretty strict about alcohol related charges, so your best chance of obtaining a good...
My daughter (21) was arrested for public drunk last night at Ole Miss vs Alabama game except she was not drunk.
She had only 2 drinks but has a seizure disorder which causes her to pass out. It is a form of epilepsy. She work up disoriented to the cops asking her questions and eventually putting handcuffs on her. They tried to let her call one of her friends to come get her but when she comes out of the seizures she doesn't always understand her surroundings and some of that part of the night is fuzzy. She doesn't drink much because she can't with the depekote. They put her in handcuffs and took her to hail and when she finally was coherent enough to tell them about her disorder and that she had t taken her meds for the day they said they would have a nurse come but that never happened so they clearly didn't believe her. Her roommate came and bailed her out . What are her options?
She should obtain a good local attorney and hopefully they can make this charge go away. That is a shame that they are...
I got a DUI but not for alcohol I was under prescriptions but they hadn't affected me until that day I got ten charges
I ended up getting ten charges on me from DUI expired license child endangerment etc those are the major ones
Hire an attorney to fight the DUI charge. Child endangerment is a very serious charge.
What can i do about this?
my husbands grandson gets out of all the legal trouble that he gets into, his (other one) was a jail bail bondsmans and hes got connections he gets him out of dui, hes just got out of a grand jury charge as well, i hate this boy hes a dopehead and he is just low life to me what can i do about this to get him into trouble? thanks
the purpose of this list is to DEFEND people in trouble not advise others how to get someone in trouble. You don't need...
If I have a NY license can the state of Mississippi give me a 90 day restriction when I refuse to take the breathalyzer?
Was driving in Mississippi and was stopped at a road block. I blew a .0808 and they arrested me. When I got back to the station I refused to take the breathalyzer at the station. Normally, if you have a MS driver's license your driving rights would be taken away for 90 days. I have a NY license. I own a home in NY and a home in Mississippi. Can the state of Mississippi take away my driving rights?
Yes, if you commit an offense in a State that would normally cause your license to be taken in that State, they can...
What are the first steps do I need to take for a Drunk in Public arrest in Oxford, Mississippi?
I'm trying to get my "ducks in a row" before taking action. This is my first time to ever be arrested for anything including speeding tickets and it is very embarrassing. The details: I'm a 25 year old male in his last semester of college and also have a part-time job as a licensed nurse. The arrest took place during a local festival. I am obviously guilty because I had been drinking heavily and do not actually remember the arrest. I am currently waiting to hear back from human resources about a job offer I just accepted. According to the nursing practice act I could have my license suspended if convicted. I am clueless as what I need to do next. My main concern is trying to find a way that allows the offense to not show up on record if possible.
Step 1. Get an attorney ASAP. Alcohol convictions cause a lot of problems with the nursing board. The attorney may...