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  • Pro-Life Activist John Ryan Faces Terrorism Charge O...

    Wednesday Jan 4 | via River Front Times 

    John Ryan, a well-known anti-abortion activist who lives in Pacific, Missouri, faces a felony charge of "making a terrorist threat" after allegedly making a bomb threat to the Planned Parenthood clinic in the Central West End on December 31. In a probable cause statement, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office said that an employee of the clinic ... (more)


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  • State of Missouri v. Michael Casey

    Aug 1, 2016 | via FindLaw 

    Michael Casey appeals the judgment entered upon his conviction by a jury of one count of second-degree murder and one count of armed criminal action, for which the trial court sentenced him to consecutive terms of life and 30 years in prison, respectively. Defendant argues that the trial court erred in failing to give two of his proffered instructions to the jury and in excluding expert testimony regarding false confessions.


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DWI on Tramadol?
I hear mixed answers in Missouri on this question. I'm getting ready to get back to work from a on the job injury and I'll be on Tramadol when I go back. I am a non-commercial D.O.T. driver. So, if I'm on extended release Tramadol and it does not mentality impact me, then am I legal to drive or is that still grounds for a dwi?
Any time a prosecutor can prove by a reasonable doubt that a driver is driving a vehicle while impaired then any drug -...
Is drunk sex legal in Missouri
I'm just making sure because I recently got accused by a person that I had sex with someone while they were drunk all we did was kiss which was initiated by her and I pushed her off. So in all honesty I'm covering my behind on this. Because even though nothing happened I just want to make sure nothing can come of this even a civil suit.
This is a more complicated question that you may realize; however, any sexual contact or intercourse performed on a...
How does hair follicle testing even come about with no known "record" of drug history during a divorce?
I have a very close friend whose wife has ended the relationship and now they are in the middle of divorce. He has no known record of drugs and we are unaware of any drug activity that he may or may not do. After reading multiple articles about the MISSOURI drug testing in divorce proceedings, i. Get the impression that there has to be a known history and or record and or witnesses for a judge to take this kind of testing into consideration. He has now been requird to take a 10panel hair follicle test. My question is more along the lines of in what kind of cases does this usually happen for the judge to approve an extensive test instead of the normal urine test that is normally performed if deemed appropriate?? I know all cases vary, im just curious as to when and why this TYPE of testing usually happens?
Generally, drug testing by hair follicle will allow one to test for prior drug use during a bigger time span. Depending...
What are the penalties in Missouri for a 2nd DUI?
The first DUI was in 2014 due to refusal to blow (I actually asked to call my attorney), classified as SIS, placed on probation, completed SATOP, and other requirements. Probation ends April 2017. I was recently stopped for speeding, cop stated he smelled alcohol, I passed the field sobriety test, officer also asked for breathalyzer, I asked for my attorney to be present while I take the test. The 2nd officer asked "Why are we doing this, he already passed the field sobriety". I was arrested and ticket says speeding/DUI. While getting arrested the officer kept asking whose luxury vehicle it was. Where/when did I buy the vehicle and Etc. I stated I just purchased a few days ago and showed him the paperwork. The officer saw a cup of liquor that a friend left in my car. My friend stated he will testify that was his cup. After being booked my wife came to pick me up from the jail. I do have a drinking problem but that day I wasn't intoxicated. I am in the process of selecting an attorney. What are my options and what do you think will happen at court? Can I avoid jail time by attending a 28 day inpatient substance abuse rehab program? Thanks.
There is a lot going on in this question. You need to call and get a telephone consultation from an attorney. You...
Can i be made to pay for lab test when employer requested test
i drove for bakery and had minor accident, employer had me go to lab for drug test which i failed. i lost job, no problem there, now i get bill from lab for visit and test. am i legally obligated to pay.
Absent your prior employer agreeing to pay for this test prior to you getting it, I think you would be legally...
I received a dui in Missouri, went to prison, got out and moved to Illinois. why do I still need to follow Missouri stipulation?
While on probation I was charged with DWI. My probation was revoked and I went to prison. While in prison the DWI was dropped. 3 years later I was released and moved to Illinois. I went to get my Illinois drivers license under the assumption that since my DWI was dropped I should have no problem getting my IL DL. Missouri had a hold on my DL because apparently the DOR had already found me guilty basically. So I went ahead and abided by their stipulations and got the ignition interlock, did satop, and paid reinstatement fee. So I obtained my IL DL today and that brings me to 2 questions. 1.) if I had the ignition interlock removed would Missouri find out and put a hold back on my license? 2.) since I was never found guilty of the crime of DWI, how can the DOR penalize me for it? (Satop, ignition interlock, reinstatement fees..) thank you for any insight.
Because until Illinois got the OK from Mo they would not have issued you at license. At this point why does it matter?
What is the best course of action for an outstanding DUI case in another state?
In 2010 I was charged with a DUI in Missouri. Shortly thereafter, I moved out of MO to another state and moved again after that. I know that the DUI is still outstanding and I have a bench warrant for my arrest due to "failure to appear". Since the DUI is so many years back, would it be possible for them to dismiss the case entirely? Or will the DUI ever just "fall off" the docket/my record? (I am hoping that since the case is nearly 7 years old, I have not been in any trouble since, and I have lived without my driver's license for nearly 7 years they would consider it "time served" in a sense.) In the case that it cannot be dismissed, can Missouri transfer my case and/or sentencing to my current state of residence? For example, I would take my DUI classes, community service, etc in my current state of residence for "credit" in Missouri. Any information regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
You need to hire an experienced DWI attorney in the jurisdiction where the DWI is currently charged. There are many...