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Forms and fees for DUI Expungement in California.
Hi , I had a DUI a few years ago. Completed all terms of probation including fines and programs. No probation violations. I would like to expunge my record and I would like to know the forms that i have to file and how much would those forms cost. I was convicted in the Los angeles county.
There is always a danger trying to DIY these things yourself. My advice is to have an experienced DUI lawyer handle...
LVN license appeal. DUI misdemeanor
I graduated LVN school May 2014 & I passed my LVN state boards September 2014 first attempt. I received a congratulations in the mail about me passing my state boards but due to a DUI misdemeanor I received 2012 I am unable to receive my license. I appealed it & months has passed and I have now received a first class documentation from the court in regards to my appeal. It gave me an option to withdrawal my appeal, forward with my appeal and talk to the judge OR do something called a stipulation? I'm not sure what a stipulation is? I did everything that was required for my DUI... Alcohol program, breathalyzer, reinstated my license, everything... but i am still on probation until 2016 which is why i was denied my license. I'm not sure what to do now? Should I seek a lawyer?
You should at least consult with a lawyer, preferably one who is familiar with licensing issues. You might be able to...
Is there a way out taking the fall for dui.
So we got pulled up driving, everyone in car was drunk. The driver and I switched seats, now I have to go to court. If she comes forward before court date, would I be able to keep my licence? I'm in New Zealand. Please help!
You're in New Zealand, meaning this is where you were arrested or you went to New Zealand after you were arrested in...
My 20-year old son got a DUI in Ventura Co. and blew a .08. Can the charges be reduced?
He goes to school in AZ. What are his options for community service, etc., & I'm guessing that the best way to go is to get him an attorney.
Anything is possible and that is a "borderline" BAC level, however, the Ventura County DA is not known to negotiate...
I have an issue. My lawyer did my DMV hearing on my DUI almost a year ago and lost. I was a .11. I lost my license.
My criminal case was put off for a year and I was charged with the same DUI, DV and battery against my wife. After a year he got the DV and Battery charges dismissed and convinced me to take the DUI. Last week I got a letter from DMV saying I have another 6 month driving suspension and have to put an IID on my car. Is there any way around this? Its my second suspension and drive people for work?
The answer should be obvious to a law student: Speak with your attorney. You should be immediately eligible for a...
DUI and have 30 day temp license but first court appearance isn't for 90 days. What option to drive to work between 30 & 90dys
Will have 60 days after the temp license expires and the court date. How does one get permitted to drive before the court date and after the 30 day temp license expires? This is 1st DUI offense.
Consult with a local attorney to see what you can do to drive while the administration suspension is in effect. In...
Can a cop pull me over just because he suspects that I was drinking?
I was at an intersection stopped on a red light. Then a cop pulled to the right of me and put his spotlight my way. I rolled down my window and he claimed he asked me, "How much I drank?" and claimed I answered, "Not that much." He then told me to pull over. The police report stated that he observed me stopping on the #2 lane with no obstruction and followed me. Did not realize stopping in the middle of the street is cause to stop me. I eventually got arrested for DUI
I can see why he stopped you. His report will probably say that you even "looked" intoxicated. Retain an attorney at...