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Pulled over for dui. first time bac level .170 and passed majority of feild tests. I am not having lawyer. what to do?
They released me that night 20-30 min later. I am 26yrs old and a LPN. I passed majority of tests but still guilty. I know i did wrong by driving but felt okay at the time. The officer stated that i was very calm/cooperative...does this matter? I am a full time nurse and need to drive 15 in to work and back. I am so upset with myself and am NEVER going to do this ever again. I should have known better, there are no excuses. My court date is 6-21-11, i was arrested 6-18-11 at 1230ish. Am i going to go to jail for high BAC? I cant afford to lose my nursing license as I am a good citizen and never before done anything wrong.
The best thing to do is hire a good lawyer and fight the case. I know you said you're guilty, but that's not important...
Can an empty dope bag really be a crime of possession of a controlled substance
I was arrested for possession of controlled substance when all i had was an empty baggie with no drugs in it
First, you need to stop posting incriminating statements on the internet. I am not a computer guy but I suspect that...
What is the charge for hitting a deer on a motorcycle and walking away from the accident.
About a week ago a deer was hit about 11:30 pm by a person on a motorcycle. No one except the operator of the motorcycle and deer were involved. The motorcycle operator had minor injuries and their head was foggy. Skin wasn't even broken. Motorcyclist walks down the road paramedics stop him he tells them he doesn't have a license. He informs them he is fine and walks down the road. The bike is in his father's name. The state patrol tells his dad that his son was in a hit and run. Which isn't true no one else was involed. The police in pound the bike and tell his dad they can take his dad's license if in pound fees are not paid.
The charge is probably leaving the scene of an accident.
Is there anything at all that I can do to mitigate my punishment/sentence for probation violation of DUI?
I received a DUI conviction from Mason county in Sep. 2015, my license became suspended Nov/20/15-Feb/20/16. I chose to drive during this period out of very poor judgement and through a IIL violation received a court summons(2/3/16). I now live in Walla Walla (350 miles away) and chose to drive as I did not have a ride, again a very poor choice on my part. I was pulled over while on my way for a brake light being out and received a citation for DWLS 2 (2/2/16) in Morton, WA (Lewis Co.) so I was not able to make the court appearance. Now I have a warrant and must submit an a letter to the judge for a warrant hearing (I believe that is what it is called) and also must appear before Lewis county court on 2/12/16 for the DWSL 2 citation. Mason Co. court obviously (to me) knows I drove because of the IIL camera and has further proof due to DWSL 2 citation. So I am fairly sure that I will be facing 30 days 'confinement' for probation violation and additional 1 year suspension.
The short answer is to contact your attorney from your DUI if he/she is still on board and ensure that they know all...
What should I expect to happen in court? And what should I say to the judge?
Back in Dec 2012 I got my first, and last, DUI. I did 10 days in county jail, a few 1 to 2 day classes, a 1 year drug and alcohol class, and am now wrapping up my last year of the 5 years probation I was sentenced to. Since my DUI I have really changed. I don't drink or smoke pot any longer, I'm working full-time and trying to pay off debt and I'm married. I very much need to keep my job. I have gotten into zero trouble in over 3 years. My last probation meeting I was asked to take a UA infront of the probation officer. I could not do it in front of him. I stayed the full 2 hours and tried 4 or 5 times. I have a court date tomorrow for this.
If you can't afford to hire counsel, see if you qualify for court appointed counsel and have them speak for you. If you...
My son got a dui in Shelton ,WA he is a Iraq veteran he has a 10 month old son and is currently homeless. he tested was .009
this is his first dui and was just a little over the legal limit. he did not inform the arresting officer that he had taken a sip of mouth wash when he left the bar.
Schedule a free consultation with local WA criminal defense counsel easily found here on Avvo. Facts given are minimal...
My dui case has just been assigned to Judge Michael Heavey. should I file an affidavit of prejudice
Following hung jury in May and mis trial in december before Judge Saint Claire, case has been reassigned to Judge Heavey. I have not used an affidavit to this point, is it time? Case involves a .080 and .079 reading on a machine and batch # that has been suppressed in most other courts under the 3 judge panel ruling. I also have asthma and smoke cigars which inflated the results. I have OPD funding for Dr. Hlastala and an HGN expert which I have not found. I am currently pro se but searching for help. I have some $ for someone who is interested in a fair trial which is far from par in KC. This is from an stop in Sept. 09
What you should do is get an attorney and not post things about the police or the judge on the internet where they...