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What can I do about a 9 almost ten year old dwi?
Just wanted to know I was told after 10 years it would fall off my record meaning that it wouldn't be there any more is this true? Or would I have to get it expunged?
It will not automatically be removed from your record. You need to hire a local attorney to file for expungement after...
Adminstrative alcohol suspension
Going to school to get my class a CDL. Applying for jobs. I have an adminstrative alcohol suspension in 2012 would this show up on the background check? And can I get it removed. Where it dnot show up?
If it occurred after you turned 21 it will be on your driving record. The real question is what happened with your...
What is an sis
I got pulled over June 2012 and charged with a DWI got my license suspended for 90 days with 2 years SIS probation. But I completed everything they asked me to complete SATOP etc. got removed off probation and got my license back and was done with the whole thing well I'm currently in truck driving school to obtain my CDL. Well all employers that I am talking to is saying they can't hire me because this is on my report. It's not on my driving record as a DWI its on there as an administrative alcohol suspension. What I thought was with an sis this would go away after completing it successfully. I'm a bit confused can anyone help? Not sure what to do.
SIS stands for Suspended Imposition of Sentence and it means that once you completed probation, the Court records on...
Is my dwi sealed from anyone other than police, Gov, etc. I received it in 2003 and was given an SIS( Faulty muffler)
I was given the ticket in Oct, 2002 and sentenced in 2003 to 24 months probation. I want to know how to answer on applications, etc on weather I have ever been given a dwi.
Under Missouri Law, an SIS is not a conviction. Therefore, the following are the correct truthful answers: 1....
Will I still be charged for a dui?
I was arrested last night under suspicion of DUI. When I was released this morning, they didn't give me a ticket/citation or say anything about a court date. I've called the municipal court and the gentleman that I spoke with said that he didn't see anything for me in the system. This is my first offense and I'm not quite sure how these things work. Any advice would be great!
In the event you are going to be charged, it is not uncommon for the criminal summons to be mailed to you. In the...
I was driving but my husband got DWI what can we do??
My husband and I were at a bar and of course drinking. Well we were going to leave with some friends and I decided to move the car my husband was in the passenger seat and I stupidly decided to do a burn out in the empty parking lot. Anyway cops showed up and asked who was driving as they clearly could see my husband getting out of the passenger seat and me standing by the driver door with keys in my hand. My husband said he was driving because I have my CDL and drive a school bus and will loose my job if I got a DWI. So my husband took the blame but now I want to just go ahead and say it was me because it really was me and my husband already has 3 DWI this would be his 4th but that's not fair to him because he really was not driving. The cops never investigated me or asked me any questions they just took my husbands word for it. So how can we fight this back? What will happen if I say I really was driving after they already charged my husband?
If you admit that you were really the one driving, you will very likely be arrested and charged with DWI. If convicted,...
I have two dwi....was invited to an outing.
I have two dwi, the second one still pending. I was invited to an outing. Can I go even though I won't be drinking but there will be drinking there
If you are on probation or on parole, then the terms of your program will dictate what you can and cannot do as well as...