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Leave-file petition to Revoke?
My husband was pulled over and was charged with driving under a suspended license. And. Driving with an expired sticker he was given 100 hr community service he completed and was told as long as he had completed he did not have to show up. I checked online. For todays date he had. Leave-file petiton to revoke what does that mean
Sounds like failure to pay fines and costs. The SAO preserved the right to move to revoke. There is probably a PTR...
My husband has a RDP. Is he able to go to Indiana & or Wisconsin provided its work related?
My husband has an RDP for work purposes only. He is all over the Chicago Land area. However, once in a blue moon he is required to go to Indiana & or Wisconsin. Is that okay?
This question has nothing to do with family law. It has to do with driving offenses and I have changed the practice area.
How do you think the SOS will respond to the fact that I failed then my niece started my car & then I drove 2 work.what can I do
I had a failed reading of .036 the next morning when trying to start my car for work. I had 2glasses of wine to try and help with the insomnia I was having that night. I never thought this would get picked up by the Baird machine. This is my 1st failed reading. The problem is that I went into the house to call my boss and explain I'd be late. My niece had to leave and my car was parked behind hers. I told her I failed and she'd have to wait at least 15mins for me to retest. I went back outside and she was moving my car! I told her that she was NOT supposed to have done that, no one is supposed to start my vehicle for me! She yelled that she wasn't going to loose her job because of me. I told her but I can lose my license because of you?! What was done was done already, no way of negating that! I got in my car and proceeded to work. Of course a retest went off and sure enough I blew again .036 not even 10mins after initial fail. I haven't had the recalibration yet but I already know once I do, I will have to explain the reading to the SOS!
I'd get in front of this as soon as possible!!!! I'm guessing you had an attorney assist you in accessing the...
A person was killed in an accident where the driver was convicted of an aggravated DUI. Is this technically a violent felony?
I am considering an applicant for a residential lease and the home owners association has specific requirements about convictions related to violent criminal activity. Specifically they state: "owners may not rent to persons who have been convicted of any violent criminal activity. "Violent criminal activity" is defined as any felonious criminal activity that has as one of its elements the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person or property of another." The aggravated DUI resulted in the death of the passenger in the car, the person was convicted and spent time in prison. The drivers gross negligence and illegal use of a vehicle while intoxicated is the cause of the accident and ultimately the death of the passenger, but is this really considered a violent criminal activity? There was no premeditation and no threat of violence in my opinion. Any input here would be helpful and thanks for your time.
Here's the problem as I see it. When someone unintentionally causes the death of another in Illinois, and the act...
I have a disability exam. Says be free of drugs/alcohol. Will they draw blood or do a urinalysis?
I get sick when blood is drawn
I suspect nothing will be tested. Submit until it's uncomfortable. Then stop. Showing up is 95% of life. Show.
Will I get DL back in IL after DUI in NC
Moved to NC in 2015. Got DUI 07-04-15, under 21 on NC DL. No Blow lost DL for one year. Moved back home with parents in IL. Completed all courses required by NC. Submitted documents to NC with 508 form. Suspension is up on 02-15-17. I never surrendered my IL DL, I never received anything from IL stating to surrender my DL which expired in December. Do I tell IL DMV I got a DUI, or do I just go in apply for DL.
I am not familiar with the Secretary of State DL application but there will likely be a question asking about other...
Do I have a shot at getting my liscense back?
I have 2 dui convictions served 15 days attending my dui classes and have been revoked for over a year now.
Possibly, it kind of depends on your level. If you're a "significant risk" probably, if you're patient. If you're "...