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Does a blood sample for dui have to be stored in a certain manner
Blood sample was taken in Pa for suspected dui. almost two weeks later it is still at the police station in a cardboard box.. I am concerned that it will not be valid. Consulted an attorney he advised me that he can do nothing until I am charged. I am concerned that this sample will not be accurate. I WAS not under the influence of anything other than being tired. My eyes were red and that gave the office cause to give me a breathalyzer, which I refused and ask for a blood sample. I am concerned that my attorney is not being proactive on the blood sample. Should I find another attorney. I had a DUI in college 3 years ago. Stupid, I know but I did learn a very important lesson .
I am not aware of any rule or requirement that it must be stored in any particular way. If charges are file and the...
What will I be faced with after my DUI?
The only other similar offense I made was >8 years ago when my DUI was knocked down to a physical control. This time I was driving with a broken taillight, pulled over, passed the active field sobriety test, but failed the breathalyzer test with the highest BAC level (c).
Assuming no other DWI/DUI where you were convicted of that offense, this should be prosecuted as DWI #1. However, from...
What is the statute of limitation for a DUI
just recieved a dui in pennsylvania. had 3 in the state of maryland prior to 1998, how will this affect me. does this count as first offence?
I think you are confusing "statute of limitations" with the ten-year look back period. Statute of limitations refers...
Can i be charged with DUI while on my suboxone ?
Im being charged with Dui , careless driving,driving at 72/55, and for not having a nice inspection ticket. I take 2 8mg philms a day.It says use care when operating a vehicle on my suboxone prescription. They took blood test and it came back as 1. Buporphen and .9 norbuprenorphine as my results. There were other cars in front of me but they kept slowing down so I went to pass them and got pulled over when I did. He said he clocked me at 72 on the speedometer but there were 2 other cars in front of me and 1 behind me. It was just asfree I left Pittsburgh
You will and should be charged with driving while impaired. The amount of medication in your body qualifies for an...
DUI while on probation
I was arrested for first DUI 3 days ago I am on 2 yrs probation for 2 counts misdemeanor possession have passed all drug test and met all requirements till this new charge I would have bein done in 5 months I called my po Monday he said he will prob violate me at my preliminary hearing what is going to happen will I be detained at hearing am I going to jail?
Yes you will be detained and go to jail pending your Gagnon 1 hearing.
Did I get a DUI?
Was in fender bender, taken to hospital, blood drawn officer took license and keys.
What an interesting question! Of course, we need to know more information to answer with any degree of certainty....
What is the statue of limitations for a DUI in Pennsylvania?
I was arrested & charged with DUI 20 months ago. I got a lawyer who waived my preliminary hearing & pretrial conference, ( I think ). That was over a year ago. Thursday, December 1st, I received legal mail from my lawyer saying my final pre-trial conference is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th. It also says if my case is not resolved at the conference, a trial is set for December 21st. This is the first I've heard from my lawyer & the first mail of any kind that I've gotten since my lawyer waived my preliminary hearing. My question is, how much time do they have to get me to court after my lawyer waived my preliminary hearing???
You were charged so now only speedy trial rule matters and your lawyer took the time. Ask your lawyer for more details