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The person that is going to help me with an affidavit has a DUI is that a problem of maybe getting the beneficiary visa denied.
It's a K-1 visa
Hello, I'm afraid your question is not clear from your posting. Are you asking if a beneficiary's DUI conviction...
Will my new jersey licence be suspended?
I am a licensed new jersey driver. I was charged with dui in new york,. The judge suspended my license in new york pending a conviction in the case . If the charge gets dropped to duai which is not a crime will new jersey find out about hte charge and suspend my license. since duai is not considered a crime.
There is an interstate compact that all 50 states have adopted. It requires the state where the conviction occours to...
What state am I resident in for probation? Arrested for DUI in Colorado but haven't been there long.
I don't want to do probation in Colorado! After spending a year in foreign countries I came to Colorado to quickly write a thesis. I did not plan on being resident. I got a DUI that will require probation and the arrest happened in September. There are out-of-state priors going back 15 years. When I came to Colorado I registered my vehicle which had been in storage because the plates were expired. I have a NJ drivers license. Before going overseas I went to school briefly in Texas but was considered an out-of-state student. Prior to that I was in Montana for less than a year and prior to that I was in Oregon for over a year (that would be 2010-2012). I believe I was registered to vote in Oregon. I took some graduate classes in Oregon and may have been considered resident for that (I don't recall). For purposes of probation can I claim to be resident of Oregon? I know there is an interstate compact but it sounds very hard to transfer. The question is: where would I be considered resident? I expect 6 months of work release in Colorado which will bring me over a year in the state but the only reason I have stayed here is for the pendancy of the case.
You would be best served asking the attorney that represented you on the DUI in Colorado. Each state has different...
I want to get a police officer to testify in my dwi trial. What forms do I have to use to call him to testify?
Ask a police officer questions about my DWI that was over 10 years ago
I cannot imagine why you would do this w/o a lawyer. Go to the clerk's office as early as possible and see if they will...
What are my options?
In February of 1988 I received a DUI in Jersey City. I never went to court. I left New Jersey later that year and have never been back. I currently live in Texas and recently went to get my license renewed and they said I was ineligible because of an outstanding issue in New Jersey. Turns out it is this old DUI that is holding up my ability to get my Texas DL.
You'll need to call and hire any of us to get more information from the court and hopefully negotiate with the...
Dwi 10 years ago
I was charged with dwi 10 years ago and I never took care of it. Now I have a court date but I live in Arizona. I am also disabled. Can I hire an attorney to go on my behalf or so I have to appear in person?
Contact an attorney who can try to arrange a phone appearance for you.
I am trying my own DWI case which is 10 years old. The prosecutor told me that take me to trial and you will probably beat me b
Trial for a 10 year old DWI
Good for you. Do you have a questions/