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Should I disclose a pending DUI charge to potential employers?
I have an interview on Thursday, but currently have a pending DUI charge. It is pretty likely it will get reduced to reckless driving. Should I disclose my pending charge to them? If they ask about pending charges directly, I won't lie, but should I volunteer that information to them? I have no other charges or arrests in my life so I don't really know how to go about this. Thanks!
It matters. I generally would say no, as any increase in your candor perceived would be more than offset by a...
I am in the process of being charged with a DUI, I am underage and got charged with a minor consumption.. what happens now?
My prosecuting attorney contacted my lawyer and said that she would put it down to a careless driving. He just told me that yesterday and I got my minor the weekend before. I also have not been to my second court date yet. What do you think I should do?
You will be receiving a summons in the mail. The summons will inform you when and where you have court. The first...
Is there a statue of limitation on DUI in minnesota. How Long before someone can be charged for a DUI.
Was picked up for a DUI on 5-23-14and then again got 2 more 4th degree DUI on 6-15-14 and hasnt been changed with any of then. And We cant figure out why .
Some counties take a longer time to formally charge a person with DWI. It also depends if there was a breath test or...
How serious is a minor in consumption in Moorhead, MN? First offense. Age 20.9
Daughter was with friends (not her apt, but all her friends were 21) & police arrived due a loud noise complaint. My daughter was the only one not 21. Sadly, her birthday is in 2 months. She was sitting on the couch and was told by the police she needed to leave & they would give her a ride home (as she did not have her car - she took a taxi there). As soon as she was outside the apartment, she was handcuffed and arrested because they stated she was acting drunk. She did not have a drink, she was not drinking at the apt. She was put in jail after breathing .05 post being handcuffed and taken to the police station. They took her cash and wouldn't allow her to use the phone for a ride home from the police station.
You would do your daughter a great service by hiring her an attorney to fight this charge.
I live in MN with a permanent resident card. Will I be deported if I'm convicted of a 3rd degree dwi charge.
No prior offenses of any kind. This is my first dwi. Will i have jail time also? I spent the night in jail.
It's best to speak with an immigration attorney concerning the deportation issue. As for jail time, most likely with...
Is it legal in MN to let 1 of 3 minors just walk away after curfew and after they had been drinking?
My daughter recently got a minor at 14 and so did he other friend. However there was a third person that when the cop pulled up he asked her a question and let her go with 2 other minors kids..AFTER CURFEW!! I didnt know this til the next morning because when I had to pick my kid up from the station I asked where the other girl was because she was suppose to be in my care..and the cop looked at me and said she wasnt there at all and that he didnt see her. Now I have statements from all three kids saying she was there and that the cop let her walk away..is there anything can do?
Hello. Your post is a little unclear. I am unsure what your motive and intent are - Good Samaritan/welfare of the third...
Is it possible to get a citation for underage consumption taken off of your record? or work out a deal so it never gets on it?
The citation fine has not been paid and the person has not plead guilty yet and is 18 years old.
There are deals that can be worked out with a prosecutor which would keep this off the person's record through a...