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Can Pa extradite for dui?I was charged again due to my impairment and now they charged again will they extradite on mis charges?
I had a stroke in 2012 Wayne county PA knows my past I used to be a addict was on methadone program for 9 yrs im.now on Suboxone treatment due to my speech n rightsided affected stroke they arrested me again they are bias of all addicts I had no choice but to leave state will they extradite me for mis charges
If I understand correctly, you fled the Commonwealth to avoid prosecution for DUI based upon a claim that a person or...
ARD program for posession (not dui)
While driving back from visiting a friend in Pennsylvania, The car i was in was pulled over for speeding. Although i was not driving, when questioned i admitted to having a small amount of pot on me. I was charged with possession of marijuana for personal use (less than 1 gram) as well as pariphanelia(grinder). My lawyer has suggested we take the ARD route, as i have a clean record. He has since told me that at the most i will be on 6 month probation for the ARD program, as well as the possability of being tested during his period. I was wondering how often, if at all, i will be tested during this probation, as well as the common length of probation for similar cases. i have seen online that it can be anywhere from 30 days to 1 year of probation, as well as being tested as frequently as monthly to as little as not at all. i live out of state (MA) and work very often throughout the summer. i am wondering whether my lack of prior offenses combined with the small amount i had will have anything to do with the conditions of my probation and such. any information or prior knowledge of this will be greatly appreciated.
"My lawyer has suggested we take the ARD route, as i have a clean record". That said (by you), why are you online...
Will a pre work out or testosterone booster ( bought legally and a fitness store ) make me fail a drug or alcohol test?
I am on probation for a DUI . Also have the alcohol monitoring bracelet. I haven't had a drink in months. My drug test came up positive for alcohol today. The only thing I can think of is the stuff I'm taking for lifting weights. Any help would be appreciated
These boosters are nonsense, the only way you can boost is with testosterone shots from your doctor
I lived in New Jersey got a DUI in New York with a history of DUI in New Jersey but moved to Pennsylvania never went to court
I used to live in New Jersey with a history of DUI got a DUI in New York then move to Pennsylvania and never went to court how does that affect my drivers license in Pennsylvania three DUI previous in New Jersey
NJ and PA have a reciprocal agreement. You driver's license in PA may not be valid. Suggest contacting an attorney.
I got a dui can I renew my carry firearm permit
the dui was 5 years ago
There is insufficient information to respond intelligently to your question. Moreover, whether or not you can renew...
Wondering what goes on at ARD hearing? I have already completed Highway Safety, Drug and Alcohol Evaluation,
First time offense DUI and I know there will be a fine, license suspension, is there community service always or is it case by case? I have a lawyer but he's away at the moment and I am curious as heck. Is probation where I get an officer to report to on a regular basis? Or is it set rules set just for me to abide by? TY
I assume that your attorney will be back prior to your hearing so he will be able to answer all of your questions. ARD...
Could a good lawyer get your suspended license time reduced if it's not dui or wreckless driving in PA
I live in an area where I need to drive to get to work, and I can't get a workers permit until 3 years without another driving with a suspended license offense.
All issues involving license suspensions are strictly enforced by the motor vehicle code. A lawyer can review your...