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  • Supervisor Rutherford addresses Crest Forest MAC

    Sunday Sep 17 | via The Alpenhorn News 

    The September 5 Crest Forest Municipal Advisory Council meeting was jam-packed with community members all listening to County Supervisor Janice Rutherford give an update on issues that affect the mountaintop communities. Rutherford spoke about the air traffic routes over Lake Arrowhead and the federal government officials she has spoken with, but feels they are not really listening, so she encourages documenting the time and annoyance and writing complaints to the proper authorities, as well as: .


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Dui case?
I have a friend who has 5 dui's 2 she never appeared on, recently her and her boyfriend got into a confrontation and he told the cop she had warrents. Now she's facing state prison time, she's out on bail currently. She needs a lawyer not a public defender any feed back is helpful. Thank you
Best bet would be to try to argue for a rehab. Definitely not a sure thing but still possible. If they won't go for a...
DUI question?
How will I know if the DA files charges against me for a dui? I was in a small accident 9 months ago and was sent straight to the hospital. I never got any paperwork at the hospital from the police department and as far as I can tell they did not respond. My hospital records indicted I did have some alcohol in my system, but does not say that any officers arrived for a blood draw or tests. Thanks
One way would be to contact the courthouse to see if there is an open case against you. You can also hire an attorney...
DUI Victim
I was in a car accident and was hurt in the process. The suspect has been charged with felony DUI and other charges. I just got an update on the case and apparently it did not settle and is heading towards a preliminary hearing. The defendants attorney has already sent an investigator to my house for an interview. My question is, how many things might be headed my way? Will I be subpoenaed? will I have to testify at a preliminary hearing or does the officer do that? will the defense send more people to my home? This is the fist time I have ever been a victim of a crime so I don't know what to expect during the process. Thanks for all your help...
Contact the prosecuting attorney or DA's Office. As a victim, it's their job to explain all this to you.
What are the possible outcomes of my dui court date?
I got a dui nearly two years ago in San Bernadino, CA. I recently finished my assigned alcohol classes but still need to start AA. A few months back I went to set up deposits for my fine and register for community service but found out I had a bench warrant due too it taking too long to get it set up. The judge doubled my community service days. I work full time and just recently went to re enroll in the community service to find out I had another bench warrant for once again taking too long and now have a new court date. Will having a second court date make the judge want to arrest me on the spot? I recently started school and am afraid jail will set me back because I will be dropped from my classes. If I am arrested how long would my jail time be? Thank you.
You appear to understand the possible outcomes. Jail or another chance.
Have a warrant for a dui that happened 2 years ago and recently missed my court date, will I be arrested if I turn myself in?
Took the blame from my brother who already had a warrant, and got charged for a DUI and driving with no license. I failed to appear in court. Then found out I had a warrant once I got pulled over again, and got charged with driving with no license and my warrant. If I turn myself in will I be arrested and if so how long? If not, do I just pay the fine?
redirecting to the DUI section of AVVO
Do i receive wages for loss time at work due to drug screen ?
I had a random drug test a couple days ago and just got prescibed pain pills for back pain and they showed up now i cant work, will my job pay me for off time? Details took 5 panel test , tested positive for opiates sent to lab for closer examination Have prescription 3 days off and no results yet
This sounds like a Labor Law question. But if your work has rules regarding drug use, then you will have to abide by them.
Will the DA file my dui charges?
Was arrested in February by CHP, after they approached my car parked on the highway with me sleeping. Was booked for dui, with an arraignment date 4 months after my arrest. I went to court and was told no charges were filed and I should keep contacting the clerk every 2 weeks. It's been 6 months and still nothing. No mugshot online, my name doesn't generate on county court website either. Another tid bit, during transport after my "failed fst" the officers asked if I take prescription medication to which I responded yes, an anti depressant. He said not to mention that before I give blood because then they would have to take me to a different place and be a hassle for me. Anyways, I have not spoken to a lawyer yet, because I'm a college student with no money, a veteran college student at that, and wanted to poll you guys first for general consensus. After 6 months with no charges filed, am I sitting pretty?
It takes a long time sometimes to get the lab results from the blood. Keep checking. I had a client who had the same...