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How does getting a restricted license and applying for the 1650 packet work?
Im a first time DUI Offender and so far have been able to succeed and complete everything required by the court system with my case. I am a resident of TN but stationed in CA in the military. I will be getting out of the military within the next 3 months and heading back to TN. I was told that once i completed my online DUI class for out of state resident thats approved by state of CA where i recieved my DUI and show proof of an SR22 has been filed with my insurance that i would be able to apply for a restricted drivers license. Whats the process? Will I be able to drive home from CA?
Now, don't shoot the messenger, OK. There are NO approved online courses for CA requirements. I am assuming you have a...
I got two dui less then a month what is going to happen to me?
the first one i was under 21 a week be for turning 21 and i blew .08 and the second one was two weeks kater and i got arrested and i blew another .08 what do i do im scared never been in this much troublle ever im scared to go to court i cant afford a lawyer at all help me please on addvice
You're going to need the help of a criminal defense attorney. If you cannot afford to hire one and you qualify...
How can i make a complaint about a judge in california?
about a month ago, i was in my pre-trial hearing for a dui and my lawyer and i showed the judge proof of evidence that i was innocent. the judge pretty much gaffed me off and went in favor of the police officer. i had photos to show my license plate was not blocked and that my light bulb worked. the policer officer that i subpoena did not show up to the hearing 4 times in a row only to find out that she was a rookie and instead they went with th word of the officer who was her partner and did not conduct any kind of test on me or detained me. i was charged with a wet reckless, is there anything i can do do change this or report the judge in for some-kind of discrimination?
Most States have commissions in charge of judicial conduct. California is no different. Here is the website http://...
I was arrested for dui. I am under 21 and it is two months until i turn 21. My bac was .19 whats going to happen.No one was hurt
I was wondering what the consequences are going to be for my specific case. Nobody was hurt, my car was not impounded because i was pulled over in my driveway. My bac was .19 and I spent eight hours in jail. I was wondering if there will be more jail time, what the fine might be from the court and whether or not im eligible for a restricted license to drive to and from work. I had current registration, insurance, and a valid drivers license, with no prior record. Please help.
Without reviewing all of the police reports and facts, it is impossible to tell you "what the consequences are going to...
Can my charges be drop for unreasonable charges...
i was driving my friend to his home. i had one beer and was being followed by the police. they pulled me over and said that it was for not being able to see my tags on the plate. they had me do the field test and then stated that they pulled me over for not having my plate light working. they made me blow in the breathizer 3 time on separate occassions while conducting the field tests. the police told me that i was being taken in to the station for "safety" reasons. once i was in the police car, they told me that i was pulled over for driving in my lane and swivering a bit. they told me i had a minute to decide on taking a breath or blood test if not they were going to choose for me. they didn't read me my rights as well. is this reasonable enough to drop charges?
The cops don't have to read your rights until they actually arrest you. By the time they slap on the cuffs, they...
Is it news if a California appellate court misstates the essence of the California Supreme Court Watson-DUI decision?
Reading the unpublished case of People v. Rodriguez (Cal: Court of Appeal, 2nd Appellate Dist., 6th Div., No. B217573, Sept. 7, 2010) made my jaw drop. One paragraph began saying, "At least since 1981, when our Supreme Court affirmed a conviction of second degree murder arising out of a high speed, head-on automobile collision by a drunken driver that left two dead..." (citing People v. Watson, (1981) 637 P. 2d 279). The 1981 Watson-DUI opinion I read allowed second-degree murder charges to remain in an information and even said it may be tough to fight; IT DID NOT AFFIRM A CONVICTION nor did it approve blind presumptive inferences. Since that particular appellate court seems to have an propensity for inferring implied malice, it seems quite relevant that they mangled the Watson-DUI decision as if details weren't important. I have no criminal matter to defend, and I am not a journalist or lawyer. I wonder if I should be emailing media. While I don't know if the misstatement significantly affected the outcome of Rodriguez, it's frightening to me that an appellate court misstated precedent when making a decision that affected the liberty of a defendant. Am I confused?
Apparently you think so, or you wouldn't have posted it
Fiance blew under 0.08 What are the chances of fighting the dui? Or plea bargaining? His first offense.
Me fiance and I got pulled over on St Patrick's day for having expired tags, we had a couple of drinks so they made him take the breathalyzer test. He blew 0.09 so they ended up arresting him. They made him take a second one at the station it came out to 0.07. We are in the process of hiring a lawyer but also wanting to plea not guilty until we can find one.
The option to plea bargain will always be there, the only question is what kind of plea agreement will it be? I...