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I failed my drug test for the first time. m not on probation for anything drug related
I had to appear in court for 2 cases they both got dropped. I haven't been reporting to my p.o. because of transportation problems. Well they gave me a pee test I failed and was taken to jail. I've been in here for 5 days. I have a court date for March 26, my p.o says I won't be in here long but didn't give me an exact date can you give me a estimate on how long I might be in here. They also have a hold on my bond. This is my first time ever failing a test I been on probation for 2 years. I was about to get off but since I wasn't reporting there going to put me back on for a while. My p.o also said he's going to give me a month to get the marijuana out my system but told me to report to him as soon as I get released.
There's no question here, asker. What's your question.
I failed a drug test
I'm on probation but it's nothing drug related. I failed a drug test ordered by the court. They sent me to jail. I had to appear in court for other cases but they were dropped. My question is how long do you think I will have to be in jail before I get a bond?
You will get a bond swiftly if you hire a private attorney. If the public defender represents you, as soon as they can...
I was granted the second chance program but I need help with abbreviations DA reported to my lawyer and I'm not able ask him now
I've been granted the second chance program in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the report from the DA to my lawyer says I will have CC and BBF and I was wondering what those two things might stand for. I was thinking either color code drug screens or community corrections but I have no idea what BBF stands for. Any help you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Call the criminal clerk's office at the courthouse. They should be able to help you if you can't get in touch with your...
How do I get out of the Second Chance Program with the Tuscaloosa County Divergent Program?
In 2015 I got a DUI. Over the summer, I was offered a chance to become part of the Second Chance Program to avoid jail time. This was my first offense, never been in trouble before. I agreed so that the DUI charge would be wiped from my record. Since I've been in this program, I've had to participate in drug testing weekly. In September, I tested positive for alcohol, which I told my case manager that I had a drink with a friend. My worry was that I would be kicked out of the program, jail not being an option. She told me I would be fine. I went to jail, leaving my kids, not knowing where I was. My son could have lost his job. A couple weeks ago, to abate a nasty cough, I took cough syrup, not thinking alcohol. I tested positive for alcohol. I suffer from panic disorder/nervous breakdowns. I have to stay mentally/emotionally well for my kids. This program has become a major stressor in my life. How can I get out of it?
Quit, do the time or alternative ask the program director or your attorney.
What can I expect if I fail a drug test for THC on court reffereral. It will be the first failure in the program.
I was put in court referral for a public intoxication violation. not made clear to me following my initial evaluation that I would need to be in the program for more than two months. I was told to go to AA meetings and drug test the first month. I was told I would not have to test the second month. I passed the first month, but foolishly participated in activity that could lead to a failed subsequent test based on the misconception that I was to be finished with the program after the second monitoring session. At the second session I was told that I actually had 4 months and also had to do community service. She said they should have made that clear in court but unfortunately I only spoke to my lawyer and not the judge or prosecutor. My lawyer never made this clear. I am happy to complete the program based on these additional stipulations but made decisions that I normally would not have given the reality that I will be tested each remaining month. It is nearing my third monitoring sessions and it is becoming clear that I will not likely pass. What are the implications of this. If I am sent to the judge what is his probable action and what would be a wise strategy moving forward?
Best to ask your lawyer and abstain say for at least another year so you don't have to worry about future criminal...
My question is when filling out an application for a truck drivers job the question is asked do you have a DUI in the pass 3 yrs
Got a DUI 9-13-2014. It was dismissed 9-02-2016. How should the question be answered.
It all depends on how the question is worded. If the question is worded: "Have you ever been arrested or charged with...
What do I do if I had no idea my license was suspended for over a year until I got my reinstatement papers in the mail.
I got a dui last summer and no one took my license. I completed a class and probation and I'm still paying off my dui fine. I have been pulled over since with my GA license and everything has been fine. 2 weeks ago I even got an Alabama state license and no one said anything about anything ever being suspended even my MVR check done from work was fine until I checked my mail last night and saw I had a 275 dollar fine to pay to get my license reinstated. I even got another copy of my MVR over email and sure enough it is suspended! I have no idea what to do and why this is happening.
The quickest way to get an answer is by calling both state's dmv, because if you don't know pretty sure our guesses won'...