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Live in AL totaled car when to jail dui lost job 2 months ago had just been hired 2 weeks before wreck no insurance what do I do
e separated but share custody of child no insurance just been recently hired for job trying to decide what to do
Best advicr: Hire lawyer(s). Best of luck.
I am being placed into the CLEAN program in Alabama for a first offense DUI of a minor.
Along with drug testing will I also be tested for alcohol? Also is it possible to take away the plea deal and do the original punishment? What exactly are the original punishments for a DUI of a minor?
You will be tested for alcohol. You could possibly go back on your "deal". To answer your last question a lawyer...
How to proceed with arguing public intoxication case if I was drugged but held in jail too long to get tested?
I was arrested for public intoxication, but I have a blank space in my memory of the hours leading up to and about thirty minutes or so after the arrest, and I believe I was drugged. I do not recall drinking enough to get anywhere close to that level of intoxication (4 shots total I drank slowly over 4 hours), and my memory fades a little after accepting juice from a stranger. However, after conversing with a friend I was with and realizing I must have been drugged, it was too late to get tested. I did get tested for drugs other than date rape ones, but the screen was negative. The doctor told me it must have been date rape drugs, but those leave your body in 12 hours, and I was held in jail for 16 hours, thus being unable to get tested.
You can present your case to the judge like you lay it out here. You would probably need a doctor to testify that they...
If I was too intoxicated to remember my Miranda rights being read, will anything I said still be admissible?
I was arrested for public intoxication, but I do not recall if my Miranda rights were ever read to me because I didn't regain consciousness until after sitting in the cell for a bit (I was blacked out, not passed out). I was asked a couple of questions when sober, and I was wondering, that since I was too intoxicated to recall (and thus comprehend) my Miranda rights being read to me (if they even ever were), is it still legal for them to use my admissions in court against me?
Doubtful any statements are needed to prove the case. Dismissal is unlikely.
Hi, In late '01 or early '02, I was convicted of a 4th DUI, which was written in 2000. It was within that short window...
...where they went back a lifetime (and not just 5 years) and it counted as a forth, for that reason. The first 2 DUIs were over 20 years prior & the third was in 1995. Is there anything I can do to have the "Felon" tag removed and rights restored, short of a pardon (& not just expungement)? Or is it just my dumb luck and poor timing? Kind of a tough pill to swallow, seeing those a year or two prior, and those a couple of years later, be tried for the same (and in some cases, more habitual) offense.. they, under the "5 year statute"...& a few of us out there, again, in that small window, dealing with drastically different consequences. Many thanks in advance for your time & assistance. I have wondered about this for years, now. Ever since the law changed back. Do have a good day.
Rough luck? Let me ask you this... How many times did you drive drunk and not get caught? You'd need to hire an AL...
My AL driver's license was revoked in 2010 for having 3 DUI's within a 5 year period. How can I get a license in another state?
The revocation period has been served. During this time, I moved to Minnesota. When I attempted to try and get a MN driver's license, I was told that there was a hold on it from AL because I haven't paid the reinstatement fee. After I called to see about paying the fee, I was also told that I would have to request an I&I hearing, meaning that I would have to travel to AL for this hearing. I have just started a new job in MN, so there is no way that I can take off in order to attend the hearing. What would I have to do to get the hold off so that I can obtain a Minnesota driver's license???
You will have to reinstate your Alabama licence before you will be able to obtain a licence in Minnesota. I'd suggest...
Can I get an MIP off my record if I have already paid the ticket and never went to court?
I was in Destin, FL and received a Minor in Possession charge for having a beer can in my hand and not being 21. At the time, I just paid the ticket and knew I would not make that mistake again. However, though I am from TN, I go to school for nursing in AL, and recently heard from a current nurse that she had made the same mistake when she was about my age. She said that when she applied for nursing school, the MIP hurt her chances and she had to go through this big ordeal to get it dealt with. Now I am scared because instead of going to court and seeing my options, I just paid for it. Can I do something about it now or am I out of luck?
You will need to re-post this question under 'Florida Criminal Law' - the question of whether you may or may not...