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Is there a statue of limitations on a DWI in North Carolina after 24 years
Got a DWI in 1992 was found guilty have not been to class this is 2017. This was a mistermeaner charge I paid all my fines, L now they say it is a federal offense 24 years later is there a statue of limitations on this
In what context? There is a Statute of Limitations - but you were found guilty, it doesn't apply. As to being a Federal...
Will my license be revoked for a code reading 5038 even though I didn't consume any alcohol.
Woke up that morning running late. Grabbed the mouthwash and rinsed out my mouth (not thinking) went to blow in my machine and it failed me. I had to wait 5 min and blowed again and it failed me again locked me out for 45mins. That's when I realized that I used the mouthwash.
Your interlock installation company will. notifying NCDMV of the failures & lockout which means you will probably soon...
My bac restriction ended on april 15, 2016. Do I have to go down to dmv to get new licence without the restriction?
Got dui Feb 11 2011. Went to court had breathalyzer thrown out but still got dui . Had bac restriction on until april 15, 2016. It is four months past that date. Do I have to go to dmv to get new licence without restriction
You should go to the DMV and get a new license without the restriction on it. The problem is that the police will see,...
Cdl driver with2 DUIs
Required to get interlock system, last DUI 08, regular drivers lic obtained in 13 in another state; s.c., DUIs in n.c.Any loopholes to get around this?
No " loopholes". No more CDL. No more professional driving. Pllease remember, CDL's are governed by both federal...
Best Way To Handle This
So due to the fact that I'm a single parent, I have no choice but to work. And of course, getting to work every day requires driving. So naturally, I get pulled over on my way to pick my kids up after work one afternoon and was cited for DWLR. This is the 3rd time I've been pulled for it, except because I was pulled by a Trooper, he wrote it for an impaired revocation. I have been to court for the 1st one, which was dropped to failure to notify DMV of an address change. I appear for my 2nd citation next month. Being that I absolutely cannot afford an attorney, I have no idea how to handle court this week without being locked up...I've got children to take care of. Please help!
If you are at risk of jail, you are entitled to have an attorney. Ask for an attorney to be appointed to represent you....
What can I do if Monitech will not give me my driving logs?
I have an interlock system through Monitech. I asked for my records for 2 months and they sent me a summary instead of a detailed log of my use of the device for those 2 months. I called and they said that the logs were the property of the dmv so I could not get these reports. I called the DMV and they said that those reports are mine and should be sent to me at my request and that the reports are not the property of the DMV. I called Monitech back and told them. They said "oh we changed the policy this week" but I asked for the reports the week before. So first they would give them to me but it would take a long time, second u can't get them because their property of the DMV, then we changed the policy yesterday.
File a subpeona duces tecum. Talk to the clerk's office at your local court and they should be able to give you a form.
Dwlr non impaired revocation (after dwi hearing)
i had a hearing with the DMV on sept 5th. I received a letter stating my drivers license was reinstated on oct 6. I had to wait on the Raleigh DMV to review the hearing officers notes and get the interlock installed. The notes became misplaced by the DMV and it took over 2 months to receive the approval from the DMV. On October 10th an emergency arose from my child's daycare and I got stopped for speeding. My charge is a dwlr non impaired revocation. Is this a class 1 or class 3 misdemeanor since my license was reinstated on oct. 6. ?On dec 1st I got my license with the interlock device.
You should consider consulting with a local criminal defense attorney.