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The DWI was more than 30 years ago.
Visiting Canada after receiving either court supervision or a conviction for DUI is not automatic. First, for...
I have been informed that it is possible for him to get a license from another state. The big question I have is if stopped for any reason in Maine could he still be charged with Opperating After Suspension due to his Miane license having been suspended- even though he would have an out of state license?
Whoever informed you that the friend could get a license from another state has given you exceptionally bad advice....
My friend was arrested for a 2nd oui 4/7/09. His first was at least 5 years before and he was charged with a driving to endanger in 2006. He was also arrested 10/4/09 for a violation of release. I don't have all the in between information and I don't know what he blew, just he wasn't very nice. To my understanding he should have recieved an 18 months to 3 year suspension. But was charged with a third strike and given 5 years- 90 days in jail. He is expecting to get his license back in August of 2015. Is there any explanation you can provide? And is there a chance he could get his license sooner?
He may be able to qualify for a license in CO after one year.
I believe I could supply the DA (Kennebec) with some information unrelated to my case. These would be drug related. I know of one specific individual that could more than likely lead the DA towards narcotics dealers. He has stolen property (tools $1000 worth) from me and I have the proof. I am hoping to use this before I have him arrested. I know for a fact he smokes pot, I strongly suspect he also does heroin. He actually has pointed out a "dealers" house to me.
Statute of limitations for a felony DUI in Maine is 3 to 6 years. I'm not sure what the drug sales case has to do with...
How many days will I actually have to serve?It was for a DUI...
This is a re-posted question from a few days ago. Call a local attorney for this type of specific information.
Hypothetically, if I were underage drinking and a cop asks if I have been, should I deny until I (maybe) get breathalyzed or is it smarter to just admit. Of course they'll say, "If you just tell the truth, you'll be in a lot less trouble," but is that the case? I'm curious because it isn't automatic that a cop will breathalyze you if you keep your composure (I say this because I live in a college town and there are more people to bust), but its automatic guilt if you admit. What are the reprocussions of saying, "No, I haven't been drinking," then the breathalyzer says differently? Or is it the same as just admitting guilt?
And admission of drinking is going to be proof that you violated the law. Police probably won't even bother to do any...
I need to travel for work and don't want to get stopped at the border.
Your situation is a little tricky. Usually, when I am asked this question, it involves a person who has a US...