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The judge granted expungement for my DUI misdemeanor. Is there any course of action for my DMV record?
will the DUI have to stay on my record for 10 years or is there a recourse of action that can be taken? This is for the state of California.
No there is not. Nothing erases it from your DMV.
I got arrested a few years ago..and over 18 year old..but released from being drunk in public at x fest in modesto ca
I did not get a court date or did not get convicted...is it still on my record? Or should I get the arrest sealed?
Go to the Criminal Clerks at the court and have them run your name and date of birth to see if there's any cases open....
Hello my mother was arrested for dui . I am assuming he thought she was under the influence
It is her first time. she only had two tall bud light 8% alcohol
I think its safe to safe to say that if your Mom was arrested for DUI the arresting officer thought she was under the...
Violation of interlock devise will I get jail time or revoke of license for a bac006 ?currently on probation
I have interlock device and had a violation bac 006 tried 1hour later and said 003 tried again 3 hours later and passed. I forgot I took medication and now I'm scared of what they might violate me I'm on probation will I get jail time or license revoke by DMV? Is 006 a .006 on the devise.please help I just found out that a violation can be serious been worried all weekend. Should I contact my probation? I have had the device for 3 months I have been sober 3 years and had no problem with probation and breathalyzer. What is going to happen to me?
This is a violation of your probation. The IID measure alcohol - not medication. You need an attorney to deal with this.
I just found out that I was charged with a DUI. At the time of arrest I had a blood test done. I was released after a,few,hours.
No papers were signed never received anything in the mail. I was pretty sure my BAC was under .08 evidently I missed a,hearing. What do I do
You should get into court and take care of the failure to appear. Don't wait--the longer you take to clear it up, the...
If two different directions are provided from two different officers on a DUI dose that dismiss the case
I was pulled over for a DUI. The officer called in a chp officer and in both of there reports they have conflicting directions that were provided about where I pulled out of the parking lot and both had different directions of which way I was traveling and which way the initial detaining officer was traveling. And also location of the store. This happened in california
The discrepancies you have referenced probably won't result in a dismissal of the case. However, it might help your...
Can my husband win custody in court if I recently got a dui?
Over the weekend, I got a dui. My kids were not with me, and this was way later in the evening after they got picked up by a family member. we are planning on starting the divorce in january, can he use that against me, as an unfit parent? or since I didnt have my kids, no?
The dwi charge certainly is not going to help you. Contact an attorney right away.