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What repercussions will I face in South Carolina after a DWI conviction in North Carolina?
Arrested for DWI in NC, refused the breath test and blood test came back as .16. Living in SC currently as well as at the time of the arrest. No grossly aggravating factors, 1 aggravating (.16), speeding was the reason for traffic stop but no reckless driving, clean driving record and have enrolled in SC ADSAP. Under the assumption this will be reported back to SC after conviction, what punishment will SC impose?
Generally there is a license suspension from state to state but I don't believe NC reports so you'll likely avoid that...
Will a DUI charge show up on a background check for job applications
I was charged with a DUI in the state of south carolina. The charged was dismissed and expunged. So will any background check be able to find it?
A background check will show convictions and pending charges. A criminal charge that has resulted in an acquittal...
In South Carolina was arrested for dui, it was around 230am during the breath test at the wanted to call a lawyer
I was arrested for dui, when I was at the jail I waiting to for my 20 min to be up to blow or not, wanted to call my lawyer for advice, but the cop said noo cause there no phone in there and he couldn't leave to get one. Aren't I entitled to one
You do not need an attorney present to take a breathalyzer, but if one refuses your license is suspended for 6 months....
I need to resolve a DUI dating back to 1999.
There is an arrest in by Beaufort County Sheriff's office dating back to 6/1999 for DUI and Leaving the scene. I do not recall this ticket and it seems to not have been resolved. I have a case number of this as well. I do not live in the area so need this handled from a distance.
You should hire a South Carolina lawyer to take care of this. Be prepared to pay the freight - the price tag may be...
I have a GA license but got a DUI in SC- my suspension lifted- is my GA license vaild again?
I have a GA license but got a DUI in SC. I have gone to court, and Met all of my SC state requirements and my suspension has been lifted. I also now reside in SC- but still have my Georgia license. As of now is my Georgia license valid to drive with? Or do I have to go back to the SC or GA DMV and re apply for my license?
If you now live in S.C., unless you have not stated the facts correctly, you need to get a S.C. license and turn the GA...
Can I be found guilty if I tested under the legal limit?
Stopped at road check ,didn't have driver license on me. Officer said he smelled alcohol.Gave me a breathalyzer, tested 0.079 placed under arrest and car impounded.
You need to consult with a lawyer experienced in DUI from your state. The .08 applies to DUI as a matter of law. But...
Can I get charged with rape of we were both too drunk to remember anything that happened?
So me and this girl I'm friends with went to my house to play video games, plan was nothing more nothing less. It was just to do that and neither of us even thought about having sexual relations together. But we had a drink or two, and those turned in to a lot more alcohol, and neither of us remember too much more beyond that. We were both too drunk to remember. But we ending up having sex, I know this because of the condom and such lying around that wasn't there earlier. But can she charge me with rape? She's upset that we had sex because she was a virgin, and has started talking about charging me with rape. If we were both unable to even remember what happened is she able to do that? Also might want to add that we are both over 21 so we can consume alcohol legally.
Yes, you can be charged with rape. The facts you list may or may not be a defense to the charge, but you can be...