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Attending dui classes.paid all fines.can drive to,from work and classes.
If you are driving for any reason other than terms of restriction, then your license is suspended for that purpose. If...
drawing state disability while on probation, even doing work release while on disability, in jail on disability, 30 days. Working under the table, drawing social security, receiving vacation checks from her work. Is this a violation of her probation?
If you are so inclined, call her probation officer and he determine whether it's a violation of her probation. From...
taken lunesta and xanax , to this date I have not been charged and I had a hearing with the DMV and I was cleared to keep my license. I hired at DA and he went to court and I was not on the docket , is their a chance I may get lucky and do they test for those things ? I CANNOT GET A DUI , please help !!
Yes you can be charged with a prescription drug DUI. I have handled several of these cases as both a prosecutor and a...
i got a second dui in six years and refused the breathalizer but submited to a blood test when i gt to jail i blew a .214
There's a mandatory 96 hours in jail (that can be split up on weekends in most cases), fines, a license suspension and...
My husband had a brush with the law during a "manic" episode. It has been confused as drunk in public and resisting arrest. With proper paperwork from doctors detailing the disorder, would this be submissable during an arraignment hearing? Do we really need a lawyer?
The arraignment isn't the time to start disputing facts. Because these charges carry the potential for jail time, not...
Before Arrest: Breath Test Is (Usually) Voluntary When performing a DUI investigation, many officers will attempt to get you to perform what is called a Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) test befor