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Dui first offense in Tunica, MS
i was arrested for a dui charge going on three years ago. my question is this. before the matter could be settled in court i was involved in an accident that put me in the hospital for over a year. i then went through rehab and such and now its been roughly three years since the charge. when does the statue of limitations come in to play in the state of Mississippi? ”
The arrest tolls the statute. You can make a speedy trial argument, but it likely will be denied as that much of the...
Can a person get a hardship license after a felony dui in Mississippi? If so, how long after suspension can i apply?
I am currently on house arrest. I am a full time student, and I do know that a driver's license is suspended for five years following a third offense.
Short answer is no, you are not eligible for a hardship license except on a DUI 1st offense. The 5 year suspension can...
How can I be arrested while walking for a dui and can I sue
I was walking up to my boy car and they had him pulled over all of a sudden another officer pulls up and arrest me for dui while walking
Based on your facts, no. Check your ticket and double-check to make sure it is a DUI and not a public drunk or other...
Is there a statue of limitations for dui in Mississippi?
In 2007 i was on my way to the hospital with a severe case of Plurasie. I was stopped by a police officer and he asked if I had been drinking. I said no. He then asked that i blow into their machine and i told him I couldn't because I could barely breathe from that plurasie. He arrested me and kept me in jail 3 days. I then went before a judge and pled not guilty. The judge said the officer did not have any evidence. He did not drop the charges but did release me. I then moved to Florida and had no problem getting a drivers license. Well I would like to get my Mississippi license back now. What should I do since it has been 10 years. Also i have had Tennessee license since then also with no problem.
No way an atty can answer this question. We'd have to review your record to see what's going on with your license.
In Mississippi can someone be revoked on a suspicion of a DUI ?
My foster son was on probation. He was pulled over. Did 6 breathilzers (passed all of them) and was still charged with suspicion of a DUI. I'm curious on if the courts say innocent until proven guilty. How is this legal?
The standard for revoking someone on probation in Mississippi is very low. It is a "more likely than not" standard...
Can a cop pull you over for suspected dui out of his jurisdiction?
I was driving home early in the morning (5:30 a.m.) after being up for 24 hours. I had been driving for an hour and a half and was tired and ready to be home. While driving down the interstate, a cop from a neighboring city pulled me over for swerving. He asked if I would give a roadside breathe test which I declined since i had drank 5 beers earlier in the night. After I declined, he informed me that he would have to call the cops from the city he pulled me over in. The law in my state does not allow cops to make arrest outside of their jurisdiction. The other cops showed up where then the cop that pulled me over left. I again declined the breathilzer. I did, however, agree to a field soberity test. After the field sobering test (which I did not make any major mistakes as far as balance, counting steps, or trying to trip me up with repeating questions such as my address and social security number), the cop decided to arrest me for DUI refusal. I wasn't written a ticket for careless driving or any other violation. I guess my main question is will this stick up in court especially since the arresting officer did not witness me swerving and a cop from another city pulled me over?
Yes, the jurisdiction that issued you the citation can go forward with prosecution. However, in addition to the...
Will I be randomly drug tested on unsupervised probation?
I was put on unsupervised probation for 3 yrs in MS and I want to know if I will be called in to do a drug test at random. Can someone report me to the judge if they see me smoking?
How bad to you want to use? Is it worth possibly 3 years in jail? You CAN be subjected to random screens and people...