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I got a dwls out of Tacoma Washington, now I have to deal with mason county because of a DUI from 2011 I did not know my licence
Was suspended. Anyway I'm trying to move and put this behind me, but the jail has no room and I don't have money for ehm. What do I do!? Plz help
I'm a little confused about where you are in the process. Have you been convicted of the DWLS? Are you concerned about...
What happens if you fail a ua at court ordered outpatient rehab
i got an mip and they put me in outpatient as a plea deal, i recently failed a ua (only one ive ever failed) now i have a hearing, am i in big trouble for this mistake?
You should speak with your own attorney about it.
How does it Impact me when cited for DUI
I was pulled over for speeding when giving a intoxacated friend a ride home, my car has been impounded, I was cited, never arrested, taken to the jail, not booked, not fingerprinted, released to take a cab home, with no signature or acknolagement that I was even arrested
You need to schedule a consultants on with a DUI attorney. Your question doesn't have anywhere close to enough details...
Do I take a Neg 1 deal in a Marijuana DUI charge if I was sober?
I was involved in an accident after I passed out behind the wheel. I have an advanced stage cancer and regularly use medical marijuana. My blood after the accident came back at 9 ng carboxy-thc. I used marijuana the day prior but was completely sober at the time of accident. The court has offered to reduce the charge to Neg 1, and it is tempting to take.... but again, I was sober. Should I take it or keep fighting?
I would fight it. Carboxy thc has no more effect on the body and if that was everything then you weren't effected by...
What do I do if the place where I went for my court ordered alchol treatment is with holding my graduation from treatment paper.
I was court order to do treatment afterva DUI. I haave completed everything, even the classes, but because i still owe the treatment facility money, they are refusing to send my completion to the courts. It is stated no where in any paper work rhat they can or will do this.
You have to pay for it get it paid for that she can if you have to go into court and ask for more time to do so that's...
Will a WA DOL suspension for one year expire? After the suspended year, can I get the IID for only 4 Months showing no faults?
I got a Dui in WA in April 2014. Pled guilty and they gave me the minimum penalty. I paid the fines, went to jail and had an IIL to operate legally in WA. After only 90 days, once I met the court requirements only, I had it removed and was issued a new license from WA DOL, free of all restrictions. I finished my time in the Army and drove home late 2014. In the spring of 2015 I got a motorcycle and had my license updated to my current home state and had the M endorsement added. After my Dui I have received 2 licenses, one from WA and the other from Colorado. I went to take a CDL test and found out WA suspended my license again, about 18 months after the conviction. After a few calls I found out my ignition interlock device was court ordered 90 days. But the DOL required a year with the last 4 months showing no faults. I didn't realize the extra requirements from the DOL. That was all 3 years ago. So my question is; Will I have to run an IID in my car for a full year? Or has that time expired? The suspensions were lifted in March 2016. But I still believe I need to get an IID from a certified company in my vehicle, for only 4 months, clean showing no faults. Is this about right?
It is best to consult with an attorney about the specifics of your case. A defense attorney will be able to help you...
Can anyone explain to me how prior DUI convictions are counted towards a new Felony DUI in Washington State?
Currently have a family member who is incarcerated for a felony DUI that occurred February of 2015. They referred to his proirs as seperate points against his current charge. He was told, all hear say, that the counted his priors incorrectly and wanted me to ask. Can anyone explain that point system to me?
The legislature has set it all forth in the statutes comprising the Sentencing Reform Act. Start at http://app.leg.wa....