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What kind of drug test will I receive if the 5 panel UA wasn't checked but the random drug testing was checked for a DUI?
DUI arrest in December. Received a one year deferred sentence probation that upon completion will be expunged from my record. On my court ordered requirements, there is a check for 5 panel UA and a check for random drug testing; however, only the random drug testing was checked on my list. So my question is what kind of drug test will I receive? My PO asked me if I had a problem with weed during my first meeting and I said no. I'm just an average guy, I'm not sketchy so I don't think she suspected anything but I'm just curious what kind of drug test they will be doing if they do test.
In my experience most random drug tests are done with urine, looking for a wide variety of drugs and alcohol. It is...
Will I get drug tested at my final court after being arrested for a dui marijuana and cocaine and gun?
I was pulled over in September for a dui and had marijuana and cocaine and gun me my final court is on the 17 will I be drug tested at court to see what my punishment will be
You really need to contact a local criminal defense attorney. This is a very serious case.
What should I do if I have a breathalyzer in my car but am moving states, without the car.?
Currently am paying on breathalyzer device. Moving in 3 weeks and next calibration is in Oklahoma on October 28. Its in fathers name so im not taking it right now. If I stop paying what will happen.
This really depends on why you have it, but it will likely be reported to whatever authority ordered it which can...
Can I get a 2nd DUI felony conviction expunged in OK that occurred >10yrs ago?
I have a felony conviction for 2nd DUI (no accidents or injury involved in arrest) >10 yrs ago, no charges since that felony conviction. 18 years ago (age 19) I got two DUI's 6 mths apart and received a misdemeanor conviction with 2yr probation. The 2 DUI's where lumped together for the charge. 3 yrs later (age 22) I got another DUI and was charged with 2nd DUI felony. I have kept a clean record since with only minor tickets. I am now 37, married with kids, and would like to have the felony removed from my record and put it in my past for good. What is the process? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Is it possible??
This would require a pardon from the office of the governor. The current occupant of that office isn't very inclined...
If my ex is on a felony probation and got arrested for a dui recently, can he still go back to jail? How likely is it?
My ex was convicted of kidnapping, assault and battery, and interference with an emergency call. He was sentenced to five years but it was suspended all but three months in jail. That was two and a half years ago. Hes been on probation since. He was arrested and charged with a dui and a few other traffic violations this march and just this past month got a suspended sentence of a year all but ten days in avalon for it. Theres been a motion to revoke for some time and a bond set for 30000. What is the likelyhood of him going back to jail? What should i expect from the hearing come this wed? Hes been out of avalon for two days now.
He needs to hire an attorney immediately. Applications to Revoke are serious matters and although no one can assign a...
DPS is having a hearing for my liscens a year after DUI?
Last year I revived a DUI and after competing the court requirements the DUI was reduced to speeding 25 over. I did send off that form to request a hearing within the 15 days but when my 30 day temp license was about to expired I called the DPs and they said my license isn't going to be suspended and that I could get a copy made at the tag agency which I did. I never heard back from them until I received a letter in the mail the other day saying I have 30 days to send 175 along with the request for a modified liscens. I understand the court and the DPs are separate but why would they allow me to get another liscens just to suspend it a year later? Also what happens with the hearing? Will they more then likely not suspend me since it was reduced?
Good question. I'm not sure how DPS can tell you one thing and then, in reliance upon it, you trust them. I am not...
Why do i have to have an ignition interlock device installed for all first offense charges?
This is my 1st offense, it has been dismissed with prejudice and expunged after two years of being deferred & paying restitution. Count 1: driving under the influence of alcohol, Count 2: possession of controlled drug (marijuana), Count 3: possession of paraphernalia, Count 4: driving without a driver's license, Count 6: Fail to stop and yield at flashing red light, Count 7: Improper passing-on right. I have not had any alcohol or marijuana since then. I have learned my lesson and after paying nearly $8,000.00, I can't afford the cost of a car and the ignition interlock device. I was 20 when this happened. I am 23 now.
Your driver's license revocation is a separate matter from your criminal case. On all DUI charges, the Oklahoma...