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  • Shelbyville man arrested on rape charges in Tullahoma

    May 26, 2015 | via WGNS-AM Murfreesboro 

    Monroy, 23, of Sims Road, Shelbyville has been charged with rape and domestic violence following an incident at a residence on Chestnut Alley. The victim, who was someone that he had known in the past, told Tullahoma Police Officer Randy Baltimore that Monroy arrived at her apartment around 11 p.m. She told the officer that Monroy entered her apartment and pulled her hair, chocked her and dragged her outside onto the porch.


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Does a DUI blood test looks for SSRIs - specifically Paxil?
Arrested for DUI. I was weaving (dropped items in the car and weaved) and also failed portions of the field sobriety test (eye test and one balance test). I was extremely nervous. Never experineced anything like this before. No alcohol and no illegal drugs in my system but I do take 20 mg of paxil daily. I told the trooper but do not know if he recorded this information or added it to his report for testing to use against me. Will the blood test look for this prescription med when testing? I have read it is possible to have a DUI arrest enforced even when prescribed medication is taken in its prescribed dosage.
It's doubtful they would detect the Paxil unless they specifically looked for it. In my experience, Paxil does not...
How long are you required to stay in the drunk tank if breathalyzer results were .16,in TN?
charged with DUI possession of fire arm not loaded pistol under drivers seat magazine in console.
The answer to this question generally depends on the jurisdiction. If you are asking about the penalties for a DUI...
Will a previous reduction of DUI to reckless driving from 8 years ago be held against me for my current DUI charge in TN.
Previous DUI reduction was in Nashville, current DUI was in Tullahoma. I did not consent to the test for the first charge from 8 years ago and did not consent to the blood test this time either, however the officer obtained a warrant and blood was drawn. I performed the standard 3 roadside tests and the officer even said that obviously you are not slurring your words or falling down drunk but I believe you may be over the legal limit. The blood test will likely show that I was over the limit and there is a possibility that another substance may show up as well. My goal is just to retain my driving priviledges as i am pharma rep and drive for my job. If i obtain a very good DUI lawyer what are my chances of possibly being lucky enough to get another reckless plea. Any advice greatly appreci
Yes and no. The good thing about the prior reduction is that the current DUI cannot be classified as a DUI 2nd Offense,...
Can police in Tennessee carry dry warrants in their car for blood in a DUI?
My lawyer said it is unconstitutional and it should throw my blood out, yet now he is urging me to take ADAs offer which is full penalty.
Your present attorney is in the best position to know all the facts of your case and to advise you accordingly. If you...
I was sitting in my truck seat belted in and arrested for disorderly conduct was not drunk and had not been drinking..
I called police to get grand daughter out of a house where she was left with 2 men drinking and of no relation at all because my daughter went to jail for shoplifting. the police would not remove her from the house and would not call child services for safety of child but instead arrested me for disorderly conduct... please tell me what to do... thank you... Stephen... a worried grand father...
Well Intentioned Grandpa- For your criminal charges-get a criminal defense attorney and fight the charges. My guess...
DUI and reduction / deferred prosecution.
For a first time DUI with no prior criminal history, how likely is it that the court will reduce the charge to a lesser offense? If I decide to plead guilty, in TN what are the options of a deferred prosecution or sealing the records of the case?
You really need to talk with a local DUI lawyer to see what they can do for you. These cases have become more and more...
Is it better to obtain a DUI lawyer in the county where the arrest was made vs out of town?
I live in Nashville, Tn however I was arrested last weekend in Tullahoma for DUI which is coffee county. I have met with several lawyers & was most impressed with one from coffee county where the arrest happened & one in Murfreesboro . Both come highly recommended & both are expensive with the costs being about the same. I honestly liked the approach of the Murfreesboro lawyer better, however I have been told that it would be better to go with the local lawyer due to knowing DA / judges better & the fact that coffee county is a small "good-ole-boy" network. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, any recommendations for a good DUI lawyer that handles coffee county would be welcomed. Thanks!
The answer to your question depends on the jurisdiction. There are several high quality attorneys in Coffee County who...