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My husband has full Cousdy till August. His e. Wife has 5 DUIs and one Pryor DUI with a death of a child and one with. Gbi
Worried dad
So what's the question? It sounds like a family law question.
How long before I can get my license back if I choose not to get the Interlock or the restricted license?
Received a DUI in Tulare county. DMV requires a Interlock device. But even after having 3 cars in my name because of family issues I now have no access to either one so I do not need a restricted license. So I see no use in getting the interlock device.
If you have no access to a car, then you wouldn't even be able to get an interlock if you wanted to. Right?
Can I get a drivers license under ab 60 if I have a dui . ???
The the case is been taken care fully .
So long as you've completed the suspension period and atleast enrolled in the alcohol program, yes. You should be able...
What should I do in my first DUI case? (Tulare county)
I got pulled over two days ago because I was texting my wife while driving. When I did this it was 1am and I slowed hcar down to about 10mph, and I was in the country roads. I swearved a little while writing my txt causing the police officer to pull me over. I explained this him. What I did not tell him was that I had just opened a tall can and when I saw him turn around to get me I panicked and drank as much of it as I could and threw the rest under my passenger seat. He never found it. I feel like I did vary well on y sobriety test but he still breathalyzer me. I was told I blew a .08. But at the police station an hour later he said I only blew a .04 and .06.
You need to hire an attorney because you have some very good defenses that an attorney could use to either get the...
What happens the first day of trail for a dui
what will happen firt day at trail I have attorney and won dmv hearing and have thoes transcripts but I don't know what to exspect the first day please help
Sounds like you have an excellent attorney already. He/she will explain. Probably waiting for a courtroom, jury...
I got arrested for a dui. i work full time and will be starting school in jan. How can i get it reducedd to reckless driving?
when i blew into the breathalizer it was .12. They then did a blood test which i haveen gotten the results. I really dont want this one mistake ruin my future. I have a perfect record. The reason i got pulled over was because i had my brights on, not becuase of the way i was driving.
You will need to hire an attorney and unless there are issues with the case at a .12, it is doubtful that the case will...
In a 4 day sentence why would I only serve 2 days?
Someone had mentioned this in my previous question. I recently got my first DUI and got sentenced to 4 days in jail, why would I only serve 2 days?. Is this availble for everybody?
California Penal Code 4019 says you are entitled to two days of "good time/work time" credit for every two days you...