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For background checks. Can driving without a license be used against you?
My son has had a couple of driving without a license as a young person. Lexis Nexis screening solutions returns not approved for employment to employers when he applies. Due to their background check.We asked for the report and it is the DWLS. No theft violence or anything like like. Is there anything he can do? This keeps happening and he is a father that is trying to support his family in Washington state. Any advise would be appreciated. Can an attorney help cleaning up his record? We are at a loss.
That is the problem with youthful offenders, they grow up and want good jobs someday. Your son may have options,...
Can you get a Neg. Driving in the 1st degree dismissed from your record if it was charged to you instead of DUI?
My husband was pulled over from DUI. He was given a breathalizer at the scene and taken into custody. He blew a .082. He gave him another one test at the police station, but couldn't get the machine to work. They then released him and gave him a ticket for a faulty license plate light and no proof of insurance. He took care of both of those infractions and then found a supboena in the mail saying he was being charged with Neg. Driving 1st degree. He went to the police station and got a copy of the ticket, which was dated a few days later, and not even shown or signed by him. Is this legal? Can he fight this?
The police can file a charge after the date of the event. They have until the statute of limitation runs to file a...
My Dad recently of this year got his fourth DUI. History prior DUIs have not Ben since 2000.
Yet my dad has use money towards a lawyer he's going to end in the end get the same thing everybody gets towards sentencing but yet as he is arrogant to some of the facts of how our legal system really works so I'm asking your advice on what if any technicalities or to help him get a lighter sentence to the best of his ability
If his prior convictions were longer than 7 years before this ticket he should be treated as a 1st time offender. The...
Friend got arrested for DUI, past deportation on record. Is bail possible?
My friend's husband got arrested for a DUI yesterday. He has been deported in the past but re entered the country illegally. My friend wants to know if bail is possible. But immigration will be taking him. What else can be done? Can a case be made? She is also illegal and they have three US born children from ages 5-11.
"Can a case be made?" What kind of case do they want to make? Re-entering the US without the US government's...
Detained at the border for DUI suspicion, no charge, now applying for naturalization
3 years ago or so was crossing the border by car the officer asked me if i had a drink? I said no, nevertheless he handcuffed me and they held me in an adjacent building, 20 min later border patrol came and they did perform soberity test and breath analyzer, no charge and they let me go. Now filling for naturalization how should i deal with this? Disclouse the detention ( i have no paper of it and even not remember the exact date) or ignore it and explain it if the officer bring it up at the interview?
As a general rule, it is not a good idea to try to hide things on a Naturalization Application. One of the questions...
Why are these people giving me alot of problems,im a hard working father of four and a wife that is trying to make it here
My case is these people need to be punished for there doings to me and my family ,ive done nothing wrong yes I was driving how im I surppose to support my family if I cant get to work ,they pulled me over because they thought I was someone that they were looking for but I wasnt ,gave my identification to prove I wasnt the individual and they come at me with a driving while license suspended third degree they took me to jail while they searched me the they said they found meth on me which isnt mine and they never showed me what they found they only showed me the test kit saying it was positive for meth
Get an attorney, either appointed if you must or retained if you can. You can fight this.
I received A DUI . I did blow into breathalyzer but they didn't show me the results
Was driving. I was pulled over. Taken back to station and released.
If you didn't receive the results to the breath test you are likely referring to the portable breath test given on the...