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I have an underage drinking misdemeanor 10 years ago in Arizona. How do I resolve the case when I live out of state?
I was not driving. I did not appear in court either.
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
The US Consulate will scrutinize your future visa application more carefully. Please see the link below.... http://...
Court has no record of my citation
I received a DUI and A "baby" DUI two weeks ago for which I had court a week ago. I could not go to court because I was hospitalized so the hospital sent in a letter to the court explaining. Now I called the court to see when my new court date was rescheduled for and they cannot find any record of me or my citation. Should I pursue it or let it go, since they can't find it?
If this were me, I would contact the court again and make sure to give them all the information I have. I would give...
Will I know if charges have been filed for a DUI?
This is a convoluted situation. On 1/29/16 I was in a near-fatal accident but I was the only one involved. I was taken to the hospital and the cops showed up way later (after I had been given drugs) to do the alc/drug test. I was not under the influence at the time of the accident but I had been taking pain meds for a recent surgery (did not prior to the accident). I got notice from the DMV in April that my DL will be suspended for a min of 90 days and required to take a drug/alc screening. I waited until almost a year to finally take the alc/drug screen to get my DL back and wasnt required to take any classes because I do not have a history of drug/alc use. I believe the accident was caused by a recall on the car but because the police put down "suspected under the Influence" its blocked me from getting a personal injury lawyer. The lady at the alc/drug screening called the dmv and they said state does plan to file charges but hadn't at that time. IT's now been over a year and a few weeks since the accident. How do I find out if charges have been filed? Will I get a notice? How long does it normally take? Ive never received any communication from the state or the police, ever.
The State has up to 7 years to file felony charges, although there could be problems if they delay for too long without...
How long after an accident could i still be charged with a dui?
I was driving home not sure if i was over limit or not, when another vehicle makes a left hand turn in front of me i brake but could not stop from hitting him. I was not arrested, the officer even brought my id back later.
If you were not arrested and no alcohol test was done, you won't be charged with DUI. The direct answer to your...
How can I take on my DUI charge?
So this is my first DUI charge, I drove home from a bar last night and don't remember what happen. Thankfully no one was hurt. I somehow ended up at a Denny's down the road from my apartment, don't know how I ended up there, but the host or manager had my car keys. After realizing where I was at, I asked the host if they could give me my house keys and walk home from there. As I was walking home I was pulled over by the PD and they charged me with DUI. They took me in filled out information and dropped me off back home.
You asked a pretty complex question for this forum. There are quite a few qualified DUI attorney's out there that offer...
If you're on diversion for a dui and move to another state that doesn't have a dui program, what happens?
Do you have to finish the program in the original state in order to move?? I don't have any restrictions on traveling out of state. But what happens if I need to move? The state I want to move to is Arizona, moving from Kansas.
You need to ask this of a Kansas attorney.