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What are my rights as a tenant? What can i do when my landlord is harrassing me for money & while he is intoxicated?
I signed a lease agreement good for 6 months & right now my landlord is threatening to evict me. I have been living with no running water for the past month due to him not paying for an outstanding balance. I did my best with reasoning with him on resolving the bill to be paid in full but no luck until a few days ago. He gave me the water bill statement & said I could pay for it in place of the rent. My rent is $350 & the water bill was $297 plus an addtional rquired $50 charge applied to test water before reconnection. He constantly comes to my my door demanding money also saying that I owe him. I have paid him & ask for a reciept in return but does'nt cooperate. I refuse reason with him when he is intoxicated.
It sounds to me like your lease is being violated. He is not allowed to shut off the water, even if you didn't pay the...
Can I move from Arizona to Oregon with an ignition interlock device in my car?
First off, I'm not looking to get an interlock off by moving or any such thing. However, I am going to plea to DUI slightest at my court date in a month and in 3 months I am moving from Arizona to Oregon for law school. The case went on for 2 years (there was no impairment, I was just driving under 21 with a small amount of alcohol on in my system). Unfortunately this is grounds for DUI because Arizona is a zero tolerance state. I've tried all legal means to no benefit and I'm ready to plead. Will I be able to move from Arizona to Oregon, with my car, with the interlock? My research online says I'll just have to send my monthly check in reports to the state I got it in (Arizona). I just need to be sure. I asked my public defender but he hasn't responded and he's proved himself throughout this 2 year process to be a real dummy and I don't want to rely on his word.
You should check with the IID provider, intelrock vendors and Oregon DUI counsel. AZ DUI counsel may help, too....
how do I find the right attorney for me?
I acquired 3 DUI's in 3 months however I was with somebody who didn't fess up to their drugs and needle and they're putting it on me
The best at to find the right attorney for you is to research online, read reviews, and interview potential attorneys....
I live in arizona and have an interlock in my vehicle. I have failed a rolling retest twice. Can anyone tell me what happens now
My interlock is to be taken out in two months
It's likely you will face a probation violation. It would be a good idea to go talk with a lawyer before that happens.
Why couldn't the officers get a warrant for my blood draw after arresting me for DUI?
I was arrested for DUI, my car was not impounded, the officers pulled my car into a bank parking lot, and I failed the sobriety test, I was arrested and refused the breathalyser, the officers tried to get a warrant for a blood draw but couldn't, I was released a little while after. Why couldn't the police get a warrant for a blood draw?
The issue is state specific and you need to talk to your criminal law attorney in Arizona. In Washington, for example,...
I was cited for a dui 13 months ago. Just got summons to appear on an extreme dui charge. Is this over statute of limitations?
I hit a curb approaching a stop light, a woman came to my window and said she was calling the police. I pulled into a nearby lot and waited. Upon arrival, I refused a breathalyzer and was taken into custody and eventually given a blood test. My license was suspended for the year, and I complied. Over a year has gone by, and I'm wondering if it is relevant that I was not driving when the police came, or that so much time has passed. I cannot afford a lawyer, and am unsure of how to plead at my upcoming arraignment, if I should request a trial/public defender, or if it would even change the outcome, etc. This is my first and only offense of any kind.
There may be a statute of limitations issue. At your arraignment, ask to be assigned a public defender and then ask...
Will I fail my UA test?
I am in diversion for a DUI and I just got a call for my random UA test. I have not drank or used drugs. I did however drink a Synergy tea yesterday and didn't realize until after I finished and was reading the back of the bottle that it contained trace amounts of alcohol. Synergy is not an alcoholic drink and does not require someone to be 21 y/o to purchase so I never even thought about it. I do not want to fail my UA test. Any advice? Thank you
If it has trace amounts of alcohol, it should already have metabolized in your body by the time you have to drop the UA.