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Can i drive after 9 pm?
i have my dj lisence which says you can only drive bettwen 5 am to 9 pm. i was told there is a 6 month probation & if the six months of up before you turn 18 then you can drive without restrictions
You need to contact DMV. They will tell you exactly how it works. Until you have a definite answer from them, do not...
Can I get a NY drivers license after 3 Colorado state DUI's?
I have filed all paperwork , payed all fees and have received a letter of clearance from Colorado that I have been reinstated in Colorado and any other jurisdiction without an interlock because of the time passed and affidavit of non ownership and other applicable forms. The Cortland county NY DMV is saying that I need a letter of clearance from NY Driver improvement office. I had already called the Driver Improvement at the beginning of my reinstatement process and they said that because none of my charges were in NY that I would have no issues once I had my license reinstated by Colorado. Is this the case or do I need to be worried that I can not get my license here? Thanks for your help!!
think you can rely on the government in NY to tell you the truth, since none of us lawyers work there or have your case...
What do I need to do in this situation?
I got my 3rd DUI in Colorado 6 years ago. I have not had a car since then. I live in New York now and am not sure what I need to do in order to reinstate. I have heard if you can prove that you didn't have a car that you could " start" by filling out some sort of paperwork.
It is unclear what you are seeking to accomplish.
In 2012 i got a DUI. I refused breathalyzer test. Does this stay on MVR 7 years just like DUI does? Is expungement possible inNY
DUI and breathalyzer refusal in NY
There are two type of making your record be "hidden." Expungement or sealing of your record. Expungement destroys your...
My son was pulled over by 4 police cars after he parked and was getting out of car with 2 friends. Police told him they saw him
do a drug deal with another vehicle which didn't happen, he had just come from driving around and McDonald's drive thru! He missed turn into friend's parking lot so did u-turn on side street (using turning signals) that ended up being a 3 point turn due to snow banks. When they did not get "confession" of a nonexistent drug deal, they said they pulled over for improper u-turn. They accused him of DWI (he passed all field sobriety checks, blowing 0 on breathalizer), searched him found 1 gram of marijuana and charged with DUAI drugs, possession, DWI too and the improper u-turn! Does he have a case to get the u-turn dropped and all other charges?
You should hire a good DWI attorney to represent him. It may be possible to get the charges reduced or dismissed if the...
Should I seek an attorney
Its confusing but here it goes. In October 2011 arrested for DWI. In February 2012 plead guilty to DUI. My insurance covered all damages do to brake failure. So I got all other tickets dropped and reduced to traffic infraction. Now in 2012 I attended and completed the required drink driver program. I'm a class A truck driver. At the time I lost my job and worked in a pizza place and couldn't afford the extra evaluation this woman suggested. So I waited the year for my cdl to become available I went to local DMV paid any and all fees and my license was reinstated. Went back to work driving and in 2014 the woman said I never completed her program Cuz of the evaluation. And now my license has been suspended . I've lost my job again. What should I do.
It sounds like you did not complete the further alcohol referral and/or treatment that your Drinking Driver Program...
Has the Montgomery law been passed for 2014
my boyfriend is in prison for the first time for DWI charges and he has had two before this but only was in county jail for them and was wondering if the Montgomery law applies to him if passed
This bill has not been passed.........