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Employed for 15 years by Home Depot. Recent DUI. CAn they fire me? I live in ct
36 year old male with 2 1/2 year old autistic son whose mother has multiple sclerosis and can't work
If you are an "at will" employee (not in a union), then your employer can terminate you for any reason aside from your...
Can I request probation modification with the removal of interlock device with a clean Interlock record halfway threw probation?
I have served a year and a half on a 3 year probation for a first offense simple DUI from the state of New York. I live in CT and my CT license was never suspended. Payed fines to NY DMV. I was told after sentencing that I can drive anytime with the interlock on my car. I have a clean record, as I have abstained from alcohol and joined a community that being AA. I have completed the drug and alcohol classes and paid all fines. Because of financial hardship, can I request a modification of my current probation for just the removal of the interlock or financial assistance? I check in every month with robocop and will comply for the remainder of my probation. BTW my lawyer had one year with the interlock before the DA last minute changed it to 3 years.
I am sure CT, as with any state, allows a probationer to modify probation so long as the Court (Judge) enters an Order...
I was unaware i was driving an unregistered vehichle when i was hit by drunk driver who had no insurance can i sue him
In august of 2011 I was driving a vehichle belonging to my father in law that was unregistered because the plates were transfered from one vehichle to another and i thought proper paperwork was completed. Anyway I was hit by a drunk driver who was driving an uninsured automobile. He was arrested and charged, I was not given a ticket or anything. I have sustained serious damage to my right foot that still has not healed. My question to you is do I have a case? I live in Connecticut.
You would have the ability to pursue a personal injury claim in connecticut based upon the facts tou have detailed. The...
I was a first time offender in a DUI case in CT. I completed the alcohol treatment program, no problems for over a year.
I was told by the court the record was expunged however I applied for a sales position at a ct retail automotive dealership and a background check resulted in my status as being un insurable. How did this happen and can I do anything to prevent this from happening in the future?
It will appear on your DMV record for 10 years
Will I do time for this
Caught a dui two years ago completed probation and did community service in July was finished caught a ticket for having a suspended license but it wasn't got the notice the next day what can I do
If you're saying that you did not get your operating privileges reinstated because you failed to request it and pay for...
Can a anonymous witness go to court to testify
I wasn't pulled over and the witness asked to be anonymous said he took the keys out the ignition because the operator looked intoxicated and I was arrested for suspicion of dui
Once the witness wants to give sworn testimony the witness must state his or her name
Can an anonymous witness to a car accident give their name to police
I was arrested for suspicion of dui and a witness in the police report wished to remain anonymous said they took the keys out the car because operator looked intoxicated sand when police arrived driver driver wasn't in the car can they subpoena subpoena the anonymous witness
Yes if they know who Mr Aninymos is