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I bet there is a good chance you will have future law enforcement encounters. This warrant will show up and the...
Will I be extradited for an dui I got halfway across the country?
I have fulfilled most of my supervision requirements than missed my revocation hearing in Des Moines, Iowa, My question is will they send a bus over 1000 miles for a serious misdemeanor and contempt? Or will they just hold me for the 30 or 60 days and release me?
No clue what they will do? None of us have your case nor know what the prosecutor will do.
Can an employer legally drug test based on the following?
My employer pulled me for a drug test based on "reasonable suspicion", due to the fact that I allegedly made comments about [casinos] not being able to do anything about employees smoking marijuana. It was alleged that I said I would partake. he comment was made in reference to the state of Colorado and their drug testing policies. I also returned today from a trip to Las Vegas. I was forced to take a U.A. (negative) and was also told to perform a breathalyzer, whose results were also negative. When I asked for a copy of the breathalyzer results, the security manager declined, stating that the results were the property of my employer. I work for an Indian tribe. Are the results in fact, the property of the casino? Additionally, this event does not seem to be covered by our drug testing policy.
Drug testing very much depends on the jurisdiction and the nature of the job. If you drive or operate equipment, then...
If I have put in for a transfer for probation to another county can I cancel that request or do I have to go ?
I'm on probation in one county, put a transfer request in to move to another county. Can I can cancel this request before signing any papers if I chose to and stay where I am currently?
Speak to your probation officer about staying in your country.
Likelyhood of drug testing on sentencing date?
I was busted for possession of methamphetamines back in March and now I'm finally going in for sentencing on Tuesday though the 18th of July. And also I was not released on conditions of any sort or out on bail or what not I'm not in the system yet. My question is since I'm not in the system and I'm not in probation yet can they drug test me on the court date before sentencing? I'm sure they can but would anything leading up to my sentencing date have any impact on what happens after I get sentenced? wouldn't it just be a baseline test if anything for future reference?
If you already have an attorney for your case, you should direct your question to them. This practice may differ...
Can I appeal my ignition interlock situation ?
I received and was convicted of my last OWI back in 2006 (Iowa). In 2013 I was able to get my drivers license reinstated while living in AZ. I recently moved back to Iowa and because I was considered an IA resident once again, I needed to switch to an IA drivers license. But, in order to do so I was required to have an ignition interlock system installed for one year. How is this possible? First, the last offense was 11 years ago, plus I had been driving for the previous 4 years in AZ without issue. Is there any way around this?
The ignition interlock requirement is an administrative action by Iowa DOT as a condition to granting you a license or...
What could happen In Iowa for using cold medicine and mouth wash and blowing failed breath test into my Lifesafer IID?
I woke up sick drinking NyQuil the night before and in the morning and using mouth wash to try and clean my mouth.. I messed up my breath for 3 hours and blew 4 times waiting for the device to clear me so I could go to work.... I think i got mouth wash in the mouth piece I replaced the mouth piece after I stopped panicking at the though of being fired from my job... It has been 5 years since Ive had a license so and IID is only required by the Iowa D.O.T. they gave me a full license with no SR-22 restrictions or work permit restrictions.. so I am confused on what could happen I see people online who blow fails on their IID's and end up with dui's and in jail etc... I didnt even start the car or move it... I was told to have this in my car to avoid drinking and driving I understand that... how can they convict and revoke people for failed ingnition test from complications... If your breath is analyzed everyday for a year there is gonna be some alcohol somewhere in thousands of products.... how can you have 500 clean reads and one bad read, or situation, to try and start your car be a huge problem legally? Lifesafer is my company and I am in Iowa.
I have never heard of anyone having problems legally after their car wouldn't start. If you have pushback from...