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Breathalyzer can it be requested, by counselor, not in court order, but if under influence, refuse to let my kids go? Contempt?
The grandmother drank wine the night before the visitation, left it in the hotel frig, easily accessible. From past experiences of the grandmother & step grandfather, visited two days years ago and finished 7 whole bottles of homemade wine. They drink daily. With the last visit I am afraid they will still be under the influence of alcohol. Can our counselor request Breathalyzers for the grandparents? (To ensure level is legal, before my kids go.) Does the open wine bottle help so maybe they will test? At what level does it, show they are impaired and can endanger the kids (lowest level a court will count that we were unacceptable , what level is preferred acceptance, high level?) I want to ensure their safety. Can I refuse the visit, & take my children home because of the alcohol?
You should post your question under family law for a better likelihood of getting answers to your situation. Good luck.
I got Dui in Ky , but I live in Tn and they took license for 6 mo. Do I call Ky or Tn lawyer to get it expunged?
I didn't receive any punishment from Ky after fines, rehab, but Tn picked it up and made me put breathalizer on my car for 6 months. Do I call Ky or Tn lawyer to try to get it expunged?
An expungement is governed by state law. Hopefully, you hired a KY attorney to represent you on that DUI, and you can...
When can the registered owner of a vehicle be "charged" because vehicle was being driven by someone else who is charged DWI/dui
I own and register a vehicle, and allow an adult 30+ year old child to drive the vehicle because he/she is unable to purchase a vehicle. Can I be charged with a DWI/ DUI/ Impaired if he/she is charged? He/she is is on the insurance as designated driver.
No, you can't be charged but if they get into an accident, you can be financially liable.
Having Multiple DUI Charges in Tennessee
Hello, I have one DUI conviction in Knoxville, this was about 6 years ago. I have a DUI charge that is currently pending in a near by TN county. That charge occurred about two months ago. A few days ago I was arrested in Knoxville on a DUI charge, and with a charge of inhaling an intoxicating substance or huffing as some would call it. I was not drinking alcohol but, because of the huffing charge the police also charged me with DUI. My question is this... I had thought at one time, that if a person has not been convicted yet, still in pre-trial, on a pending DUI charge, that maybe the most recent DUI charge in Knoxville might be able to be combined with the DUI charge from two months ago and merged into only one DUI charge. Is this possible? If I am convicted of these two most recent DUI charges, making me having a third DUI conviction, would that DUI conviction be a felony? Oh, and I was wearing an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet regarding the DUI charge in the other county, could that nearby county come and re-arrest me because of this latest Knoxville DUI charge. Thank you!!
If both of the DUI's happened in the same county then sometimes the DA will package them together and also provide some...
If I got a DUI 10 years ago, and just recently got another one.....will I be charged as DUI 1st or 2nd?
I got a DUI ten years ago...and I just recently got another one. Trying to figure out if it could possibly be charged as DUI 1st?
It depends. The period runs from arrest date to arrest date. If it is outside the ten years, it is a first offense DUI.
How can a blood sample from January 1 for dui come back in april negative so then prosecutors want retested for drugs. Blood ok?
Driving vehicle bad shape have proof few weeks later it crashed
I am not sure I understand your question, but I will try. I assume the blood sample came back negative for alcohol....
Can my probation officer make me take a drug test?
I'm on state probation for no drug related charge and have no drug history or passed charges
Basically, probation can do what they want. Check the papers you received when you signed up. Contact the attorney...