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  • Troy police catch two burglary suspects; looking for...

    Sunday Jun 18 | via WDTN-TV Dayton 

    Yasiel Puig hit two of the Dodgers' four homers, powering Los Angeles to a 10-2 victory over the Reds on Saturday. Justin Thomas put together the best round of this year's U.S. Open on Saturday, but Brian Harman stole some of that thunder by taking the le Troy police along with several other area law enforcement agencies, apprehended the suspects in a robbery on Saturday in Darke County.


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  • The arts and taboo subjects

    Saturday Jun 3 | via Middlesboro Daily News 

    Are you familiar with the term "cultural appropriation" and the recent account of protests regarding Carnegie Melon graduate Tom Megalis' painting "Within 2 Seconds, the Shooting of Tamir Rice," depicting his outrage at this event in which police killed this 12-year-old black child? The Associated Press article also reports an incident at the Whitney Museum of American Art in March of this year in which a black artist demonstrated because white artist Dana Schutz had used historic photographs as inspiration for a rendering of the murder of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old black child killed in 1955.


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Troy Law

If charged but not covicted of dui. Can u expunge this?
Ovi in 2004 that was dismissed. And a dui that was dropped to wreckless. Anyway to seal or expunge this? I am in school to be a power lineman and just got my cdl permit. I did a background check myself and it shows I was charged with these but they were dismissed and dropped. Anything I can do to get this off my background?
Traffic charges are not subject to expungement/sealing. There are reasons for this connected to an interstate compact....
Im 17 . I got an underage at a party.
I was at a party about 50 people were there. everyone 18+ was automatically given a ticket, and everyone under 18 was told we would recieve something in the mail. After they took my information I was breathalyzed (ppl said I wasn't supposed to do this before my parents arrived) I blew a 6. Then my parents arrived about an hour later. I was mostly wondering what to expect in terms of court/charges? What I should do when I get there? Am I going to need a lawyer?
Yes. You Will need an Attorney. ..especially if you want to DRIVE! Mark A. Deters, Esq. The Deters Law Group 2011...
This is my third dui. I had two of them 6 years ago. Can a lawyer really keep me from serving jail time???
Had dui on 2006 and 2008
Yes. A good dui attorney can look for any defenses and many times negotiate a deal that involves little to no jail on a...
Do I need a lawyer for a first-offense DUI and will I go to jail?
Last night I was pulled over and arrested for blowing a .154 on a Breathalyzer. I was pulled over because I was looking down at my phone while driving and kept swerving. My court date is Tuesday morning at 8 am. This is my first offense DUI. I go to school full time and work full time. Will I be able to avoid going to jail? Also, is it possible for me to get privileges to drive to work and school?
It all depends on the circumstances. But, you should be able to avoid going to jail...HOWEVER, if CONVICTED of the OVI,...
My 16 yo daughter was charged with underage drinking but was not intoxicated or tested when she was charged. Is this legal?
She attended a party where there was some drinking. The kids did not leave the party and stayed until morning. At 0630 a few of them went to McDonald's and afterwards my daughter and her friend were taken back to the friend's car. The girls felt it was too early to come home and they ended up dozing off in the car. No keys in the ignition. A man walking his dog called the police because he was concerned about two girls sleeping in a car. The police arrived and questioned the girls. My daughter admitted to having a couple of drinks the night before. She was not breathalyzed nor was a field sobriety test conducted. She was not intoxicated when I picked her up. Can she truly be charged just because she admitted that the previous night she had a drink?
Short answer - yes. The reason - your daughter admitted to drinking which is a crime. Same thing if the police asked...
Can the jail time be turned into probation again?
My son was convicted of dui in 2011 he was put on probation. During the probation time he had asked to leave the state to move to another state and the probation officer did not return his calls so he left the state. After 5 years he returned to Ohio and was arrested for probation violations and was put back in jail. He was told he would have to serve a years term in jail. Is there anything he can do to reduce his time in jail and begin his probation again?
Judges don't really like it when people on probation take it upon themselves to leave the state and abscond on their...
I got a 4th DUI in Miami County Ohio. my last one was 8 yrs ago in 2005. I have nothing on my driving record at all anymore.
What am I looking at?
Breath Test? Refusal? Field Sobriety Tests? Reason for stop? Which Judge? Of course, best case scenario is you retain...