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Is there any way to get my license back before the six months if the police had no reason to ask for a breathalyzer?
The video of my field sobriety clearly shows that I was not impaired, but the officers narrative is more to the side that I wasn't able to pass any of the tests he gave me. I refused the breathalyzer because: 1). I didn't know that I was being video taped. 2). In Montana (subsection 4c of the DUI statute) you only have to blow a .041 to get a DUI. 3). Since the officer refused to answer me about "how I failed his field test to warrant a breathalyzer", I had no other choice but to refuse. At what point do the police start pulling people over at random to do an unwarranted breath test, and how many people will just go along with that invasion of privacy just to be able to get on down the road? How many will lose their license for 6 months in order to stand up for their rights?
Not sure where you are in your case but you can file a petition for reinstatement or you might be able to get an...
If it has been over 20 years since a 2nd dui conviction , can I still get a canpass for the boundary waters.
2 driving under the influence tickets in the 1980s
MT DUI laws and lookback periods have changed every two years. Two ways to go. Apply for the pass. Or, get a legal...
What would be the charge for having a DUI in Montana
What would be the charge for getting a DUI in Montana having a bracelet put on to be let out of jail to go home for Christmas cut off bracelet and flee the state got picked up in a different state extradited back to Montana what would be the charges
Moving question to criminal defense category to get answers from local lawyers.
How long can police keep a wired buy and use it to charge u with distribution of drugs?
concerned that if someone was caught video audio doing drug deal at one time it could come up years later
This is a criminal not a DUI issue. Repost in correct area of law.
What punishment should I expect for a misdemanor DUI charge?
Got arrested this past Monday for a DUI of excess to 0.04 was just wondering what fines I have to look forward too. This is my first ever offense and time ever pulled over and I was very cooperative with the officers who arrested me.
You should immediately hire an attorney. In most states, first-time DUI"s carry a penalty of up to six (6) months in...
Do I get tested the same day I fill out my pre trial registration paperwork an etc?
Do they test my urine the same day that I register into pretrial level 2 random testing for alcohol an drugs? If so what if i fail my drug test? Will they put me directly back in jail at that time? seeing it's my very first time going through this kind of stuff I would hope not because I may be dirty to be completely honest. So I'm nervous to go register after work.
No clue, expect that they will....................................
Will I get a dui?
I was in an accident after drinking two beers. I was not suspected of drinking on the scene and no sobriety tests were performed. I was released to hospital where blood and urine tests were taken. Will the police investigate these and will I get a dui?
Maybe. We're lawyers, not psychics. If you do get contacted by law enforcment, exercise your right to remain silent...