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What can I expect after getting my 2nd dwi in the same year as my first?
Got pulled over and got my second dwi and I just started probation for my first one, I blew 2 times the legal limit. I also got a ticket for doing 78 in a 35. They didn't read me my Miranda rights and ask permission to search my vehicle. .
Assuming that your first DWI resulted in a suspended imposition of sentence, the second DWI can have several possible...
If I had a DUI at 17, and has been more than 10 years ago, will it show up on a background check to help volunteer at my son's s
When I search my maiden name on case net it says, " traffic violation."I was 17 when this occurred. Does that mean that this shows up on my adult record? My lawyer told me then that as long as I never receive another dui it would not effect me. The school sends home a request for child abuse or neglect/ or criminal record form from the state of Missouri to be filled out. I do not want to check yes if I don't need to, but also do not want to get penalized, or lie. If someone could send me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
It totally depends upon how thorough the background check is. There is no legal definition of a background check....
Need help with a question regarding a DUI
I have a DUI in Kansas that I was not convicted for in 2013 then I recently got one in Missouri. Since it is a different state will it effect the dui that I received recently?
There are a number of variables that will make a difference. If Missouri law allows for aggravation of a DUI because...
DWI on Tramadol?
I hear mixed answers in Missouri on this question. I'm getting ready to get back to work from a on the job injury and I'll be on Tramadol when I go back. I am a non-commercial D.O.T. driver. So, if I'm on extended release Tramadol and it does not mentality impact me, then am I legal to drive or is that still grounds for a dwi?
Any time a prosecutor can prove by a reasonable doubt that a driver is driving a vehicle while impaired then any drug -...
Do I have to wait to get my license?
I was on 10 year denial and my licenses and is supposed to be reinstated this year (2017). My license was suspended in November 2007 and I was just wondering if I have to wait until November 2017 to get my license back. The reason my license is suspended is that I had three DUI's but one is questionable.
Based upon your post it appears the 10 years won't be up until November.
How long will a refusal to blow stay with me on my driving record?
Couldn't get a job driving because a refusal to blow on my driving record 7 years ago.
The record of your refusal will stay on your driving record permanently unless it is expunged, unlike speeding and...
My license has been suspended for 10 years due to DWIs. Am I eligible to get my license renewed sooner?
I made terrible decisions and received 4 dwis within a 2 month span. I had no prior convictions and none since. It has now been 5 years. I hired a lawyer for my first dwi and it was removed from my record. The other 3 I had a public defender and they were all grouped together because they were so close in time. I was charged with a class B misdemeanor for all 3. I completed shock time, community service, supervised probation, and a 28 day inpatient rehab program. I completed all well within the time allotted and completed my probation without any incidents.
In Missouri, driving privileges are "denied" for 10 years upon a third conviction for DWI (also BAC and DUID). For a 10-...