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I have about 8 arrests in my life from DUIs to simple assault, reckless driving
But most charges have been dismissed, no felony, I have been good for past 6 years no arrests. I had applied for citizenship in 2006 and was rejected because of 2 DUIs. Since I have had Good Moral Character in the past 5 years, how likely will they approve me for citizenship. I been in the US since 1990 with GC and my mom became citizen before I was 18, she could have added me then and I would have automatically became citizen but we made the mistake of not doing that.
As long as the probationary period of your DUI is over and you have had no other criminal convictions for which you are...
DUI Blood Test Results in Michigan?
I was in a roll over accident 2 1/2 months ago, no one was injured. I was quickly rushed to the ambulance, though I remarkably had no injuries. The EMT asked me if I had anything on me because they could smell the odor of marijuana so I handed the EMT the bag of about 15gs I had in my hoodie. She handed it to the cop and I was escorted to the hospital by the cop. After my medical examinations I was asked to concede to a blood test. I was not intoxicated at the time but I knew I had several different drugs in my blood stream from past use so I declined not knowing how harsh the penalty was. The cops got a warrant and blood tested me anyway. They did not however arrest me for the weed possession or the DUI. I was not taken to the police station or processed or anything. I have received a notice that my license is now invalid for a year due to refusing to the test, however I have not received any notices about the DUI. I am relatively confident that my blood would have tested positive for something so what does this mean? Am I off the hook or is there just a major delay.
First of all, you need to hire an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your situation in greater detail. It's...
How does extensive dental work play into a BAC reading? What if you have a lazy eye but wasn't asked anything during my FS test
BAC was .14 at station and according to police report I failed all field sobriety tests. I was extremely cooperative with police officers. Have two small kids at home and hold a very reputable job with no prior issues on my record. I just don't want to be hit with a ton of alcohol classes and testing.
Extensive dental work alone doesn't effect your BAC. The lazy eye could come into play when arguing some of the...
How do I get a michigan medical marijuana card on probation?
I have been on probation with 52-4 court in troy for a first offense owi with a bal of .11 I have had 0 violations, no positive alcohol or drug test either. Chronic back pain due to scoliosis and kyphosis has been an issue all my life. I do not want to take opiod prescriptions. I can specify more information if needed. Thanks!
Ask your probation officer. It's probable that he or she will say no, but it's your only option until you are off...
Will I be violated for missing a drug test if I go immediatley in the morning? I work nights and forgot to call.
I have missed one a month ago and called my PO and told her. I didnt take another, therefore she violated me. Now I missed my color but will go asap. Will I ho to jail? I went to court on the first and was fined. Now I forgot again but know now to do so asap. What now?
It is likely. All depends on your probation officer. If you have a probation officer that will not violate you then you...
Can they arrest someone on the spot for a dui violation?
My brother had a hearing early this morning for a dui violation. His etg came back positive. It is his only violation. No one is able to get a hold of him. Is it possible that he got arrested on the spot? Who can I contact to find out. He did not have a lawyer present at this hearing. Thank you. Oakland county, mi
You need to check two places for him. 1. The court he was in this morning; and 2. The county jail. The court should...
Will I get in trouble for Possession or use of marijuana Possession of drug paraphernalia ?
Parked car and grabbed my case with less than 5 grams of marijuana in it and put it from trunk to seat. Cop saw me from street pull out a black case and waited for me to pull out before pulling me over. Found marijuana and my pipe in my case. I have my medical marijuana card but was not carrying it on me at the time. They had no right to pull me over. I was completely sober. Driving very safe. He ended up writing me a ticket for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. And wrote in the remarks improper transport. He said if I show them my card I will not get in trouble.. I don't know what to believe..I am really worried I cannot afford a lawyer right now. What should I do?
I would definitely get a lawyer. The fact of the matter is whether you think the cop did or did not have a right to...