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  • Wanted: Suspect At Large In Troy TCF Bank Robbery [P...

    Thursday May 14 | via CBS Local 

    TROY - He presented a black plastic bag to the teller, demanded large bills, and implied he had a weapon. Police and Crime Stoppers are looking for tips to catch a man wanted in the robbery of a TCF bank in Troy the morning on Thursday, April 16. It happened just before 11 a.m. at the branch at 1484 Coolidge Hwy.


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Troy Law

How can I get my drivers license back?
After the 3rd Dui, I did jail time, house arrest & hrs of community service. 10 years later, Michigan is still saying no to reinstating my drivers license. ( I live in Florida now.....)
Contact a driver's license restoration attorney in Michigan. I recommend Attorney John English in Lansing. He handles...
When will my license get suspended in OWI case?
I pled guilty in February to OWI 1st but I am not being sentenced until April. I have heard that upon pleading guilty in Feb that the SOS should have sent me a letter, but I also heard that my license will be suspended at sentencing. As of now, I have not received anything from the SOS. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thank you
My first suggestion to you is to go on the secretary of state's website and look up your driving record to see if your...
Michigan SOS and alcohol convition
I was conviced of OWI 1st but I blew a .22. I was lucky enough to not get convicted of OWI High BAC. Does the secretary of state penalize me by my BAC level or conviction? I.E. Do they see me as a super drunk offender or just the regular OWI?
No, the Secretary of State goes by your conviction. That's the benefit of plea bargains and negotiations.
Can I go to canada with an owvi on my record.
I had an owvi 2 years ago. I was sentenced in January of 2013. All probation terms were met by October 2013. I would like to go to canada on vacation. Will I be stopped at the border.
Hope you haven't packed yet. Canada will most likely deny you entry. They are very strict particularly with respect...
2 DUIs and a couple of misdemeanors from over 12 years ago. Should I bother going to nursing school? No felony ever.
My past is not the best, but I am in my 40's and wanting to pursue a different career. I already have a BA, and am looking to get BSN/RN. Should I bother going to nursing school or will my flawed record prevent me from becoming a nurse? I think I should inquire before I invest time/money towards this goal.
You'll have to hire an administrative law attorney to help you with the boards, but its not impossible.
2nd owi in michigan, is it considered my first?
I received my first owi in 2004 and haven't been in trouble since. I just received another owi about 3 weeks ago in troy, mi. Is it considered a first offense since it's been over 7 years? What am I looking at? Also can I choose to be sentenced at pretrial if I request it? Thanks
It's your first offense for "Secretary of State-imposed driving sanctions," but a Judge can still "consider" that prior...
I have had a restricted license for 3 years and am getting all my paper ready for a hearing
While I am waiting for a hearing my restricted license is going to expire on my birthday can I renew it?
Not likely. How have you managed to get a restricted license for 3 years?