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Can I get a DWI in a hotel parking lot.
I had driven for about 13 hours to get to Salem Virginia for a shut down job. I decided to have a few drinks while I sat in my vehicle in the hotel parking lot so I could smoke since the hotel is 100% smoke free. It was cold that night so I had the vehicle running using the heater and I feel asleep. The police came through the parking lot and woke me up and saw the empty beers and asked me to submit to a field sobriety test which I refused because I thought I was on private property and had permission to drink in the parking lot from the hotel management. So I was arrested and charged with DWI.
Yes. Stay off the internet and stop posting evidence against yourself. Get a DUI attorney ASAP.
Why would a judge delay his decision of guilty or not guilty if he found there was sufficient evidence to be found guilty 3 DUI
Why would a judge delay his decision of guilty or not guilty if he found there was sufficient evidence to be found guilty of 3rd DUI within 10 years . The person was put on probation for three months and the case is under advisement until the presentence report hearing ( a presentence report was ordered) in July.
If there was a trial and he was found guilty of a felony, the judge will order a per-sentence report and then conduct a...
Chances of getting an indictment for DUI ? Case was deemed nolle prosequi by DA
I went to court for DUI and refusal today, the prosecutor proposed dui no jail and everything else for first offense, (750$ fine, VASAP, restrictive license) he said if I didn't agree he will ask the judge to nolle prosequi and later file in circuit court/ jury indictment. I have decline the offer went to court, nolle prosequi at the moment. What can I Do now ? Does my bail stands even with nolle preosequi at the moment ? Can I leave the state for the weekend and comeback ? Chances of really getting indicted for DUI in a higher court ?
If the Commonwealth nolle prosed your case it is over - for now. While unusual, they can bring a direct indictment in...
DWI Conviction in North Carolina >15 years ago now affecting renewing Virginia DL
My husband went to renew his VA DL and was told something in NC set off an alert. They didn't seem too concerned at the secretary of state, and went about taking his photo for his ID, etc. Today he received a notice stating NC is requiring an alcohol assessment, $100 fine, driving classes, and some form he needs to complete (which sounds shady because the form does not have the BAC and has it listed as NA, and has an email address of He took care of all of the NC requirements years ago, and has even renewed his VA DL since his NC conviction. He hasn't drank in YEARS, he was in his 20's at the time and now at 44 years old has to deal with this. I'm sure this has happened to others, this sounds to me like North Carolina being money hungry and are seeing how many fall for this. We have a four year old son and really do not feel like driving to North Carolina to "solve" this issue that isn't even in NC records anymore.
Your husband needs to contact DMV in North Carolina and satisfy their requirements in order to release any hold on his...
Does FR-44 insurance have to be carried if DUI was in VA and now moving to NC 3+ years after accident?
My son received a DUI in 11/13. He went to court 1/14 license suspended for a year and reinstated in 1/15 with FR-44 insurance and has been covered since - all of this in Virginia. He is now moving to NC - will the FR-44 insurance continue or anything special he needs to do?
The state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) says that the FR-44 certification is required on or after January 1,...
I have unpaid expenses from a drunk driver in virginia on 02/27/2011
Victoria insurance did not pay all damages to my vehicles from their insured. I had a loss of $6,600 on a trailer and a $4747 loss on a ford mustang from their hit and run driver. I need to sue the driver in small claims court. anyone interested?
Use Avvo find a lawyer feature but know that few attorneys are interested in property damage cases against individuals.
Cps investigation
Cps showed up at my home today which has happened in the past and they have never fpund anything and all cases were dropped well today the lady shows up accusing us of all kinds of things my house was cluttered as were spring cleaning a bit early but it wasnt nasty and she agreed she said she would be back monday or would contact me but she wanted me to declutter my house before monday. Which is no problem!! She also asked me if i would pass a hair folicle drug test yet ive never failed a drug test and never been into any legal trouble. She saw no evidence of drug use and she saw that my kids were fine that they have food and clothing and the whole 9 yards i think she understands that its ridiculous accusations but it still makes me nervous...whay will she do the next time she comes by im very nervous and i dont trust really anyome with my kids can someome please give me advice on as to handle this situation. Im located in virginia also
The police need search warrants to come into your house; unless you entered into a plea agreement which stated that you...