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Can a man who just taken a blood test by court order for 6 mo old in which he hasnt seen the child terminate his rights in NC
the father of a child told the mother of the child that he did not want anymore children when she revealed she was pregnant. He explained to her that he has three children already can she had to, and so he told her that having another kid would be very irresponsible the neither of them could afford it. Not include me they were not in a relationship. She shows to keep the pregnancy and keep the child and now of course is asking for child support. He ask for a paternity test when the child was born it is 6 months later 4 her to do so so he has not been in the child's life at all and don't really plan on being in the child's life. Of course he was ordered to pay support for this child now. He wants to relinquish all rights to the child. Can he terminate all rights to this child? If so how?
This is not a DWI question. You should repost under child support. In any event, if it has already been determined...
Can I be charged with dui soley by my driving record?
Have one prior conviction 6 years ago
No. Every criminal case in the United States requires proof of all elements of all crimes beyond a reasonable doubt....
Dwlr non impaired revocation (after dwi hearing)
i had a hearing with the DMV on sept 5th. I received a letter stating my drivers license was reinstated on oct 6. I had to wait on the Raleigh DMV to review the hearing officers notes and get the interlock installed. The notes became misplaced by the DMV and it took over 2 months to receive the approval from the DMV. On October 10th an emergency arose from my child's daycare and I got stopped for speeding. My charge is a dwlr non impaired revocation. Is this a class 1 or class 3 misdemeanor since my license was reinstated on oct. 6. ?On dec 1st I got my license with the interlock device.
You should consider consulting with a local criminal defense attorney.
In North Carolina, what is the definition of "maintenance up his household" with regards to restricted driving privileges?
After a dwi conviction.
It means things like grocery shopping or caring for a sick relative that lives with you etc.
Got my first DWI this past weekend, my BAC was .09, what will the punishment be?? very scared
I have many driving traffic charges and a few DWLR's so license have been took, i just have to be able to get to work and support my family. Never done anything else except drive. I just need to know what im looking at and if i can get out of this or not. My past charges have been; no insurance/no registration/speeding/DWLR/left to center/careless and wreck less/improper passing/ and newest with the DWI is possesion of stolen goods. "it was a car tag" I don't steal, do drugs, kill people. I go to work mon-fri and have a bit to drink on the weekends im 21 years old and im so far in a hole i dont ever see getting out i just need help. Thanks so much for your time!
DWI sentencing is based on a system of "aggravating" and "mitigating" factors, and the potential sentence a person can...
When you are sentenced at a level A1 for a 3rd DWI, is it possible, and if s, how likely, to get any of the 1 yr min mand. susp?
I have court coming up in Iredell county. It's for my 2nd and 3rd DWI. I have alot of other charges with it. attempt to flee/elude, failure to burn headlight (1), driving on rev license, driving without a liscense, tag expired. my lawyer has explained how serious the charges are. I've turned my life around completely since spending 22 days in jail. I went to rehab when I got out. I've been wearng the scram bracelet so I can show the judge I havent been drinking any alcohol. Ive been going to my drug classes, AA meetings, comm service. My lawyer said with convictions at the A1 level theres a mandatory 1yr minimum, BUT the judge can suspend all of that, but 4 months. But, I cant find info on that ANYWHERE. All I can find is when you go to prison you can get released 4 months earlier. HELP!!!
You have to do 120 days in jail, you can get the rest suspended, or they can make you serve more. But, you have a...
I have a court date coming up that I am terrified about. I've been charged with my 2nd and 3rd DWI, 2 DWLR
Civil Revocation (30), Attempt to Flee/Elude, failure to burn both headlights, expired tag. I was just convicted of my first DWI 3 weeks ago in a different county. I've spoken with a lawyer over the phone, but he wants 5000.00, just to make an appearance in district Court. I was wondering if anyone could give me some input if they know anything about the laws regarding DUI laws here in Iredell County. As far as the A1 level is concerned, what is the typical punishment time for that? And if it's possible to get any of the time suspended? Also, if I don't agree or like the sentence I'm giving in Iredell, am I allowed to appeal on a case with these charges? And if I can, do I wait in jail until I'm able to get a trial in Superior Court or am I allowed to stay out on my current bond? PLZ HELP!
In NC, a DWI with 3 or more grossly aggrating factors is a Level A1 DWI. Under G.S. 20-179(f3), a defendant sentenced...