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How do i take care of my DUI without going to jail? It is my first offense and i couldnt pay and now i can but i have a warrant.
I have a full time job and two kids and cant afford to go to jail or i will lose my job. i wanna take care of my DUI but if i turn myself in i might spend too much time in jail and get fired. i need a way to turn myself in without being in for too long. i am trying to be responsible but they are not helpful. the reason i couldnt pay was i was unemployed and homeless. now i am married with the mother of my children. i cant go to jail.
I highly recommend you contact a lawyer, who can work with you to resolve the matter. If you have an outstanding...
What is the statue of limitations when getting a DUi and a reckless driving charge ?
I got a DUI as well as a reckless driving charge I pulled into a police station to turn around in the gate closed in on me the officer asked what I was doing said this is never happened before I told him I was just going to turn around but the gate closed in on me so I got stuck inside the police station I went to court it said no charged with filed against me to call Back in seven days I called back and the DA did not reinstate the charges at this time
Oregon's Statute of Limitations for a DUI, unless a felony DUI, is 2 years from the date of the act.
What can be done about my ex wife's boyfriends DUI?
I have taken my ex wife back to court to get more time with my kids and we are nearing the end. I have come to find out that her boyfriend has a recent (within 4 months) DUI and failure to perform the duties of a driver (assuming this means hot and run) charge. According to my kids, has has been driving them as well. What can be done about this? My ex wife has full custody.
This is a factor the court would consider in deciding custody and visitation issues. You mentioned you have been to...
Can the passenger of a drunk driver be arrested in the state of Oregon?
Can a passenger be arrested in a dui in the state of oregon?
Any one can be arrested in Oregon. It sounds like you need to talk to an attorney over the phone so we can answer your...
Can I purchase firearm while on bench probation for DUI in Oregon?
I put a firearm on layaway the other day but didn't think about the fact that I am on some sort of probation for my DUI. I don't check in with anyone, just pay fines, already completed all other conditions of my DUI diversion. Just paying off rest of fines and waiting til probation is over in a few months.
A standard condition of probation in Oregon, by statute, is no possession of weapons. However, I've succeeded in having...
I have an IID restriction on my license in Oregon for approximately 3 years. How do I move and get a new license in new state?
I have a device already installed that is not offered in the new state. What is the process to get a license in the new state and still satisfy Oregons restrictions?
You are going to need to talk to that states department of safety in charge of issuing licenses.
At Hilsboro/ Washington county drug and Alcohol Evaluation services do they Test for alcohol at the first Evaluation for a dui?
Going to Evaluation, want to know what to expect
Not typically, but they have the capability. They often ask for the date of your last drink. If it's after you entered...