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Does the location (city or state) where you got a DUI show up on a DOT driving check?
My husband got a DUI and wondering what will show up on the DOT check for his job, and also how soon. Will it say location (city or state) where he got the DUI? And the date?
Good question. As a criminal defense attorney, I am not familiar with DOT check reports. I recommend you talk to a...
I have dui misdemeanor received 1 year probation going on three years now and in drug court program want out how much jail time
tested hot they said revocation or drug court I want to drop out I have a great job just got promotion with raise Im approaching three years on this dui charge what jail time with a good lawyer realistically never have been in any trouble other then this dui I am 44 years old please need help
You would have to consult a local attorney and fill them in on the specific details of your case. However, if the...
My brother has 3 dui's resolved and just got a new one. What is he looking forward to in court?
He ran a stop sign and was drifting around a turn and got pulled over. How long will he most likely be in jail for? What charges will be facing in court?
It sounds like your brother is facing a 4th DUI conviction as well as a stop sign violation. There are two types of...
About dui
Husband got arrested in '09 for DUI in Denver. Went to court he got a year probation for the DUI and $1000 in fines, sent to classes and had to check in everyday for random UA. After a couple of months we moved because he lost his job. What I want to know is how do we go about getting everything transferred to where we live now? I'm pretty sure he has a warrant in Denver ...what can we do for him not to go to jail and to get this all set to he can pay a fine and probation so he can get his drivers license back.
Yes he's probably got a warrant and violation of probation case waiting for him. He will absolutely need to hire an...
Have a DUI in Colorado, moved out of state. What to do at court date?
I lived in Colorado Springs and a week before I moved out of the state, I got a DUI (going away party, go figure). So my questions are: Prior to court should I get a state ID from my new state to show I know longer live in Colorado? Is there a way to do the DMV hearing by phone since the dmv and court dates are different? Will I have a chance to meet with the DA on my court date to talk about the fact I no longer reside in Colorado, or is that something I should try to do prior to the date? Is there any sort of statute that limits type of punishment given to people who are no longer residents? I held off on getting a license in my new state because of this, should I try beforehand or wait until my inevitable license suspension is over?
The first thing you need to do is call an experienced DUI attorney. As an example I have a client who lives in Texas...
I was found guilty of DUI in Colo by a jury. If I appeal after sentence is handed down, will my d/l revocation be stayed?
I won the EC hearing so I have not lost my license yet at all in this case. I believe that I have a good chance at getting a new trial on appeal so I want to not lose my license while the appeal is pending. will I be able to keep my license pending the appeal? thank you.
Depends if it's entered into the record or not. This is a question to ask your attorney, not a general online forum.
DUI Probation Deffered sentence speeding 90 mph in a 60
Im on probation (deffered sentence) currently for dui in colorado, and i just got a speeding ticket today i plan on talking to my PO in the morning and I have to goto court in october for speeding and 'racing' i got 2 charges on one ticket; the speeding and speeding with another car. Do I need to be worried about jail time?
Yes. You need to be worried. You need to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney. Remember, what you say...